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mark grubert brings up an interesting point about judith baker...

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11/15/2022 08:29 PM
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mark grubert brings up an interesting point about judith baker...
he claims that she was a deep state righty and i've come up with an interesting human geographic connection based on a john stockwell vietnam anecdote, mr. stockwell being a c.i.a. whistleblower extraordinaire...

judith baker has hungarian roots and i believe she was being c.i.a./naval intel handled, her intentions being seemingly misguided..

that said mr. stockwell relates that he was second in charge at a vitenam war era c.i.a. station which was getting intel toward the end of the conflict that the station was about to be overrun by thousands of viet cong..this intel should have instantly atrted evacuation palns and stockwell got to work on it while his station chief was getting a b.j. from an employee, the station chief being hungarian..

as things turned out the station was evacuated and some of the native employees escaped but most were left behind(you can guess who the few were that left safely and what happened to the majority who were left behind)..and we thank you for your support