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Zusje: "Destiny"?

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11/17/2022 02:34 PM
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Zusje: "Destiny"?
This woman is weaved into the fabric of time imo for these last days, and for some reason it was shown to me.

I'm not interested in her, or could ever be with her if that was a thing, for I have made a vow to YHVH on waiting for the moon to kiss the wolf, and a pile of rocks, I call Gorg, and it holds me accountable to that vow to YHVH.

...just the word "Destiny" and her was shown, and made to remember.

so I leave this here...she is someone to watch, she might have a part to play in the last days, for I seen a video of her on IG showing she has a spirit in her besides her own, and it can change her eyes and mouth at will.
batman ;)