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Dr. Peter McCullough Says He Has Seen A Picture Of A Virus Up Close - Has He?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 84793479
11/20/2022 06:31 AM
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Dr. Peter McCullough Says He Has Seen A Picture Of A Virus Up Close - Has He?
Dr Sam Bailey calls out the same old obfuscation.

[link to open.substack.com (secure)]

McCullough claimed in the Substack post that an electron cryotomography study provided evidence of 'SARS-CoV-2'.

He disingenuously implied to his readers that this kind of "evidence" has never been dismantled before.

The methods section of the cited paper reveals that the authors simply asserted they started with "viral strains" in some obtained specimens.

Then, these were mixed with Vero monkey kidney cells and after the cells broke down 4-5 days later, they were prepared for imaging.

Various particles were imaged amongst the cellular debris and these were declared to be "virions." (There was no control experiment of course.) Oh dear!

They have fallen for one of virology's oldest tricks: what we call the "point and declare" scam.

None of these imaged particles have ever been shown to be replication-competent or disease-causing in nature. And none of them have been characterised to see what, if any, genetic material they contain.