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Elon Musk's twitter re-continue the anti-sexual manhood campaigns against me

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11/20/2022 07:26 AM

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Elon Musk's twitter re-continue the anti-sexual manhood campaigns against me
after elon musk become the crowned ruler of tweeter and reinstated trump's account
now tweeter is herding the motherfuckin Muslims to make another campaign against my sexual manhood/expression


today i opened tweeter, just to find that it forcibly facing me with an Islamic-feminist anti-sexual-manhood/expression inhuman tweet, that say:(at any age men will stop looking at women), the first arrow point at it
it mean that it is wrong and immature for men to mere look at women
they did not even mention sex, they have gone mad with power and with their Islamic version of feminism, they blame men for merely just "looking toward females", how the fuck men will go out with millions of females around them without looking toward any of them

the second red arrow point to my reply
i replayed:(and at any age females will stop being lesbians, adulterers, fornicators, effeminate/manly and will finally stop mingling/working with men)

they are covering their radical feminism and their assault on man's manhood and basic freedoms, with false religion/humanitarianism/idealism/love/human rights/moralism guises

see yourself how this topic are getting the most likes and retweets among all other topics
so you know the insane popularity of such insane radical feminist ideas in the Islamic countries
see yourself the insane level of injustice, anti-manhood and robotic asexuality that your human race has sunk to, by he hand of Islam, industrialism and feminism, so you see yourself that humans extinction now is a must

the tweet was in a page that i do not follow and that i did not chose to see it's tweets
and that never posted any feminist tweets before today, it look like it has posted this just for me

especially since nowadays i am trying hardly and successfully to cleans/fix most of the mental spiritual corruption and damage
that such Arabic radical-feminism and evil feminist dogmas like Islam, are causing me to have
with the hell(poverty/deprivation/pain/fear/humiliation/irritation/opp​ression) they put me in it since my birth, using their insults, threats, noises, scams, unjust-laws, way of life and their psychical, psychological and demonic attacks/manipulation against me, that they justify doing it to me using false moral/religious excuses after setting me up and manipulation me to do what they consider a crime/corruption
and when this happen, my semi-asexual religious/feminist enemies, intensify there psychological attacks on me
like by hitting me with a disaster, or making social-media campaign against my sexual manhood and my basic freedom of movement, using their so-called sexual-harassment bullshit as excuse

also nowadays noticed that in Egypt, or at-least post-18 females that live/walk in my street, are treating me as a sexual harasser, if i looked toward them, they reply with hatred, anger, fear, annoyance
as if it is not a crime, sin or immorality for them to mingle with men, or to wear tight, while it is a horrible sinful immoral crime for me, to just look at them, or to have sexual manhood
and i noticed that now females around the world, started to think/talk/ like these Islamic-feminist Egyptians, even in sex cams
since the Egyptian modern-Islamic, radical-feminist/capitalist system are the NWO, that all countries enforce

it is the pre-corona days again
the Arabs/Muslims, especially in Egypt and especially from 2014 to 2019(since when al-sisi become president, till corona started)
made a horrible social-media campaign against me, against my sexual manhood and against my basic freedom of movement, that defamed me, demonized me, insulted me with all possible insults and threatened me with all possible threats
it called me gay and threatened/promised me with castration, if any female claimed that "i looked at her"
and the system/parliament of al-sisi made laws that criminalize that i look toward any female and punish it with 5-7 years in prisons, if anyone claimed that i did that
al so evil females can cuckold men like me and take my wealth/job/status, as they did in this period

in 2013, they made me fight against myself, so they justify fighting against me after 2013
and to do this, the Muslims first deceived me with their superficial conservative looks
i thought that since they look conservative, this mean that Islam are really conservative, not radical asexual feminist/capitalist slavery system
and since Islam is my enemy and since Islam is conservative, i thought that i must be liberal
thus, they tricked me to use feminism as a tool to criticize/attack the Muslim brotherhood in 2013
then they used their Gemini "Judge not, that ye be not judged" matrix law against me, so they can now use feminism against me

Last Edited by the only anti-feminsm anomaly on 11/20/2022 07:28 AM
note that most of what i say are theories that are based on my current info/calculations, thus it could change and could be totally wrong, partly wrong/right or totally right