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So sometimes - weird things happen around me - Guy offed Himself - Ask me anything thing

User ID: 83317258
United Kingdom
12/22/2022 02:20 AM
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So sometimes - weird things happen around me - Guy offed Himself - Ask me anything thing
"You've never been to heaven? have you?"

I was at the park and this dude struck up a conversation. long story short - the tree formed funny - like into a face- something I've taken picture of but dont really share. I ignored it and didn't say anything - we had been discussing me and I left holes in the story until I was sure he was on my level and could understand somethings are inexplicable - finally - he says i gotta be high because I see a face in the tree. I was like damn. I was hoping you wouldn't say anything. But now you may understand the holes in the story. It's levels to this - and we've lived a long time around here and some of us - it's as if we're frozen in time. lol

He must have gotten scared - he stopped talking and I realized the conversation had become one-sided. I looked at the obituaries a couple weeks ago like i do from time to time- I thought dude gave me a fake name - like I would -but he didn't and he was in the obituary not long after we met.

Thats a real insider for you ;)

I hope it was natural and dude didn't off his self but he probably did. not many people could handle that, why i waited for him to bring it up. I just needed him to understand why... I was who I was and it might not make sense.. I listened for the most part. the movie below made me question exposure- I wanted no one to know after I watched it but ..people aren't leaving me a choice- we're losing everything for nothing and news flash - you never really had anything w/out us - there is no God but Göd and in the end, you don't have a say. The movies are cute though love em- Keep em comin

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