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Message Subject Dalai Lama on CIA Payroll
Poster Handle Enufs Enuf
Post Content
AC411678 said:
"The CIA is a satanic terrorist organization that spreads violenc and bloodshed all over the world, and the Dalai Lama is one of them. Yet this man presents himself as a man of peace. tsk tsk tsk."

Yes, this agenda has served the 'global controllers' very well since Sumer and Babylon, through Egypt, the Roman Empire etc - through civilisation after civilisation, they infiltrate all organisations and control both sides through money in particular, never the front-men but always behind the scenes throughout.

I invite you to listen and read the links posted earlier in this thread. I was as surprised as you are that the DL is not what he seems.

Please listen to the second half of the Dave Emory mp3 where it talks about the Kalachakra Tantra Mandala - the mandala is a kind of 'demon house' - and one was 'constructed' in the lobby of WTC 1 a few years prior to 911 and then watch Leo Zagami at www.projectcamelot.org where he talks about demonic entities. Do some research on John Dee, astrologer to QE1 and he documented his conversations with other dimensional entities. 'Goetia' are writings which detail how to summon jinn/djinn/genie/demons/deities/'gods' - you will find many of them on wikipedia.

Did you think that those who would 'rule the world' could do it simply by duping us - well, that as well - but they are assisted by other dimensional entities - popularly known as demons but apparently aka ufo's, aliens, ET's etc.

In Christ.
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