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Message Subject Dalai Lama on CIA Payroll
Poster Handle some bloke in england
Post Content
Interesting read! I've always liked the Dalai Lama & Tibet, & have had an interest in Buddhism in general.. but after reading this.. I'm beginning to realize why the Chinese are so keen on taking over the Tibet region.
I had a 'gut' feeling.. the Dalai Lama wasn't all he was making out to be. He does court the media & world politicians a lot.. a lot..! for a 'spiritual' leader at least.
I do agree with the China on one thing they've quoted as saying.. "That religion is EVIL.." I fully agree with the Chinese on that. I think the Chinese are doing a brilliant job at the moment with their infrastructure & economic development. We've been protesting at the so called Chinese abuses of human rights.. & quite rightly so too.. BUT.. having said.. that.. Are the Chinese any worse than anyone else? In fact, they probably have more.. rights in that country.. than in most countries at present. I was watching some programs on Tibet, to find the Tibetan leadership are also guilty of human rights violations against their own people. Maybe the Chinese are just trying to help the ordinary Tibetans by improving their lot, & taking them away from out dated & restrictive 'religious' practices. The ONLY ONE Tibetan 'practice' I have personally found 'helpful' is the mediation 'breathing' exercises, I found them very helpful. The Chinese use a strictly NON RELIGIOUS form of breathing meditation with their daily exercises & diets.
I do admire the original Buddha.. & his teachings.. but like everything else .. 'mortal men & demonic interests' have corrupted an innocent 'child inquisitive' quest for truth & understanding of the world/universe around & within us.
From the documentaries I watched, it was obvious.. that Tibet is corrupt, with no personal freedom of expression or rights for the individual, forced to adhere to local customs and so called traditions. For instance, parents selling their 11 year old daughter into an arranged marriage with a man in his 50s, who treats her worse than a dog. Very sad!
Maybe the Dalai Lama should go back to Tibet & face the Chinese, instead of hiding like a fugitive, especially if he's been involved in clandestine political corruption.

It's fantastic.. if there 'really' are oil deposits lying under eastern China & Tibet, which would benefit everyone in the region. Both the Tibetan & Chinese authorities have to give way, let people have more say/freedom, exploring and exploiting whatever natural resources they can. Wouldn't it be fantastic if the Chinese built oil, water & gas pipelines across the region, allowing the building of new motorway & train links? And to be honest, us in the West are very hypocritical to condemn Chinese human rights, when we can't get our human rights in order. As usual, the news media put on a lot of 'spin' on a story, showing close-up video footage.. then crying foul about one side against the other. The reality is.. is that both sides are as bad as each other at the end of the day.
Let's hope the Olympics can bring something 'positive' out of all this.
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