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An interesting breakdown of the economics side of the war in Ukraine


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United States
01/16/2023 06:47 PM

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An interesting breakdown of the economics side of the war in Ukraine

This is a 55 minute video so not a short watch, but you can speed up view speed to 1.5 and its perfectly watchable.

summary: The "second war" in Ukraine, the economic war, isnt at all about Russia or Ukraine. This is a broader start to the war between the USA and China. The US empire is on the decline (as the economic hegemony), the Chinese empire is on the rise, and this is the struggle of the American system to prop itself up.

Ukraines economy is tiny, Russias is far larger, the USA and its Allies are much much much larger still, about equal in scale (Ukraine/Russia is about equal in scale to Russia/USA+Allies). The wars continuation isnt about these small countries, its about the system and the wealthy elite trying to keep their power/wealth in the face of a change in hegemonic power. The world is sort of being forced into a position of choosing USA vs China by this conflict. In a way this war is a way to force Europes hand into its continued allegiance to the USA and not switch sides to China. T

By the way the dude is some kind of neo socialist advocate or something and an economist, but is a smart dude. Not sure I would agree with him on many topics but he does a pretty damn good job of breaking down the Ukraine situation from the $$$ point of view and calling out why each side is actually doing what they are doing