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Wondering if my OG Covid Natural Immunity is still guarding me...here's why

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01/24/2023 10:44 PM
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Wondering if my OG Covid Natural Immunity is still guarding me...here's why
I'm un-vaxxed (thank God) and got Covid-19 in October of 2020...the original OG strain. That was the only time I've had it...BUT.

Last summer, July 2022...my wife and 2 kids (13 & 16) all un-vaxxed got it, literally on the 1st day of vacation in FL where we rented a house. My wife tests positive on day-1...then we pretty much avoid her...yet INSTANTLY, my son and daughter both get it within 2 days. I pretty much figure I'm going to get it, so I made zero attempt to distance myself from any of them, and just figured while we're on vacation and have this sweet house, I'll just fetch food and medicine until I come down with it. I even slept in the same room with my son, just to make sure he was OK. I never did catch it.

Wife and kids got it and had no complications and each said it was like "a mild cold" (pretty much my experience with the OG Covid)...last summer, they had one of the variants...I think it was "Omicron" at the time (summer 2022).

Fast forward to now, literally tonight...and my wife said she thought she was catching a cold...had the sniffles and a very mild sore throat so I told her to take a test and sure enough...Positive. She said she thinks she's had it for 2-3 days. Granted, I've not distanced myself whatsoever...both worked from home all week, slept in the same room...fucked...the whole bit. I tested negative and feel fine. Kids are negative and feel fine.

I'm wondering if my "natural immunity" from the OG strain, is kicking ass on the later variants, protecting me 100x greater than the venomous vaxxes would, which is EXACTLY what the Pharma-cocksuckers don't want to be known.

...BUT...also wondering if my wife got it just 6 months after having the Omicron...is because she got a variant...twice...and if because I had the mothership, OG Covid...that is protecting me against the variants...

...then on the other hand, I could have fucking Covid as I'm typing this, and I'll just test positive tomorrow, LOL. We'll see, but I feel fine now. I was just kind of thinking out loud because I KNOW I've been around this thing BIG TIME for the last 3 years...and haven't caught it other than that 1st time in Oct 2020....


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