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You're not invited back to play if you make fun of Jeff Bezo's

John Dutton
Progress just hit my wall

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United States
01/28/2023 12:43 PM

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You're not invited back to play if you make fun of Jeff Bezo's
A Seattle punk-pop group that played this week as the “house band” between periods at a Seattle Kraken game at Climate Pledge Arena won’t be playing again this weekend as previously planned, the band tweeted Friday — along with a clip of a song from its first performance criticizing Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

However, an executive with the Seattle Kraken says the decision not to have the band back for two more scheduled performances was unrelated to the song or to the lines about Bezos.

The band Who Is She? shared the video on Twitter on Friday afternoon, two days after playing during the Kraken’s 6-1 win over the Vancouver Canucks. In the video, they’re seen performing on the concourse platform high above one end of the ice rink at Climate Pledge.

[link to twitter.com (secure)]
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