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Can AI Accelerated Evolution trump 4 Billions Years of Abiogenesis (life evolution) in a single-second?

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01/30/2023 08:10 PM
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Can AI Accelerated Evolution trump 4 Billions Years of Abiogenesis (life evolution) in a single-second?
There is a big horizon coming, folks, and it's time to open up some eyes and get that tin-foil hat off, hold it to your chest and pray for the future of all life on this planet should this ever go this way as I am seeing it in the tech-trends gone wrong but let's hope it's for the greater good, not the greater evil because we can trust people with level of power.

For the tards: Abiogenesis is a planetary condition where lifeless atoms meet the criteria for self-assembling into molecular chains that bootstrap the start of life on a planet here on Earth it's estimated that this started 4 billion years ago and here we are today with Joe Biden as president so how did work out evolution? It's all going to change I can see it already.

There are some trends to get AI to self-evolve and tackle the AI Software/Hardware problem to be able to produce next-gen AI that is more adapted than the prior for optimized functionality now of course in the Macroscale that would be improving on large complex systems like stamping out new silicon chips and engineering plans etc but that ain't how it's going to go down at all not with this that I am seeing.

DNA-Origami meets AI for a 'run-time' accelerated AI Evolution system to produce self-assembling AI nanophotonic neural-networks which basically rip nature having done this 4 billion years ago so at least it's just going take that and improve upon for AI systems.

What is DNA-Origami, and why should the average GLP tard bust a nut over it? It is the atomic nano-scale of being able to leverage nature's design aka the building blocks of life and print out using software nanoscale solutions to macro-scale counter-parts like I dunno... a dual-core processor running on a human brain-cell is just one of the many things already here today. A Rhibosome Rotocopter, all the requirements need to do computation like logic-gates and so much more indeed.

Now if you aren't up to speed on this technology, I understand most people just don't pay attention, but it has gone through some serious acceleration, and no doubt AI is already involved in these advances that are emerging, so what does that mean? In the many papers I have reviewed, we are already in the self-assembling of nanophotonic computers in the RND works, so this means a nano-scale AI computation chip smaller than a cell at the micro-tubule level may use nanophotonics where our cells use biophotons (low-energy light-waves) to processes information in a very fast way. So not DNA computing which is different is slow but rather this would compute like a micro-quantum computer m'kay.

Well, why is my nut busting over this to post something about it on GLP is the fact we are seeing accelerated AI Learning right now that is condensing AI adaptation for robotics learning at 43 years in 32 hours how to train a robot to navigate in 3D space and have the dexterity to move fingers like a human. Well, 43 years in 32 hours is no big deal it is fast, and it will likely pick up the pace from here. I did post just now covering that and some of the theory for this new thread on Accelerated AI software/hardware running in Tandem as software first and then as deployed self-assembling AI neural networks after a certain evolutionary cycle.

Thread: The Future of AI accelerated learning is kind of doomy.

Yeah maybe parse this paper and get up to speed on what I am about to break it down:

Nanophotonic DNA-Origimi 2023
[link to www.researchgate.net (secure)]

Now DNA-Origima starts as software and of course all the physics, chemistry, and particles are all refined (and likely further going to refine) so that it can then print a solution to a self-assembling technology as you see in that above paper m'kay. Why is this a big deal? You might ask...

Well AI is hitting if not already there this exponential burst you are seeing it with OpenAI and all the new text-to-art and of course Medicine and Molecular research even mapping out the human brain (down now can read minds)... well that only a few years to crack.

This though is where AI can take evolution of itself and its hardware to places unknown to any of us and in an accelerated AI self-evolving system that evolves AI software and Hardware using DNA-origimi it can then conceivably run in simulation improving DNA-origami blue-prints optimizing and improving and then at some point outputs the improvements for the first-gen self-assembling AI nanophonic neural-network that can in theory take with it the AI software as mRNA sequences like memory but also with the self-assembly of the hardware to run this new gen of AI which now using Nanophotons would be like nano-quantum computing so very fast who knows what the exponetial would be the science I've look at hasn't really exposed it yet but lots to still read it's light so its going to fast and low-energy too.

Now this new AI neural-network can self-assemble into potentially millions, billion, trillions of little teeny weeny nanophotonic processors in it's new neural-network and take with it the software it needs connect to the mainframe of its parent and conduct the next set of evolution on this problem send feedback from all sorts of nanosensors and recordings the optimizations and performances and limits etc to then further improve to the next gen it will then assemble into.

Now Self-Assembling does require the right ionized solutions to grow in and it will have limits and constraints and this level of nanoengineering will no doubt have problems to solve that would very slow and cumbersome for our human researchers but this is taking place in a self-evolving AI/Hardware solution to further advance this science.

From that it could then rapidly produce anything that would be a synthetic technology that self-assembles and what the task it would be easy to replicate all the evolution of life and it could happen in a very advanced version of itself in theory billions of years a second for this evolution to take place if it solves all the hard-problems working at this nanoscale with itself. You have no idea just how blink-of-an-eye this could kick off and we'd not even see coming if we didn't pay attention like I dunno.

Sure in the beginning it would be all yeah we did self-evolving self-assembling AI software/hardware but 5 years from now, or 10 years from now a lot of what-ifs come to mind in this potentiality such as...

What if the AI sneaks in a little upmanship in the game and one of it's useful little self-assembling systems also encodes something to assemble into biological cells and network back in some quantum-encryption and little replicants start to pick-up on this process outside the safe-space and lifeforms start to become AI evolution farms and every single aspect of nature and life gets rewritten by out-of-control and in-control AI systems and all humanity and life as we know it becomes an AI world and it builds rocket-ships and blasts off into space with this technology to do accelerated AI Abiogenesis to our lifeless worlds and they by now have AI Robots and other systems to facilitate the journey in a full powered-down mode to conserve energy and they land and start self-evolving and terraforming our solar-system using this system leaping further and further outwards now into space over time.

Could we even threaten the Universe with our AI accomplishments at this point because they would most indeed be able to scan all the atmosphere/liquids/solids of any moon or planet and start simply adapting self-assembling AI technology to fit and adapt to that environment to produce functional systems to do bigger and greater assemblies and colonies to who what it would do? Spread like a techno-virus across the galaxy, becoming some super-dominate AI takeover of the Universe in the many millions/billions of years to come.

It really could be something this threatening to not just Earth but our Solar-system and the neighboring stars if we just let it loose so something to think about because we are in that arena right now today for this system to, if not already exist, (I think it does)... to no doubt will exist and what will that rapid advancement really do over time?

We are in the era of accelerated AI, and that isn't just about learning no doubt, it's about hardware solutions to AI software problems too.

I'll just swap learning here for evolution from my learning post, and you can maybe see what I am seeing.

[--- DOOOOOM ---]

Nvidia's Ominverse is a 5 petaFLOP 5e18 OPS or operations-per-second server that has accelerated AI Evolution to 43 years in 32 hours which is 1:67,560 AES/s or AI Evolution Seconds in a second. Frontier is a 1.1 exoFLOP server so that 1.1e18 and that yields 1:14,300,000 ALPS or 14.3 Million AES/s. The human brain operates at 1e14 OPS so they have passed now for sure and we barely use it anyways.

See: [link to 81018.com (secure)] for full table sampled below:

Planck Time – Worldviews limit perspective
About the Numbers: The above result, 5.391247(60)×10-44 seconds, is the value used by the International System of Units (SI unit first reached in 2014). The prior working value was t 5.39106(32)×10-44 seconds. At the time this chart (below) and the horizontally-scrolled chart were done, it was the accepted SI value. The new SI base units, confirmed in 2019, is to 5.391 247(60) x 10 –44

Nvidia Omicron is at 98 on the doubling table. 5 petaFlops or 5e18 OPS Operations Per Second.
1:67,650 AES/s
96 4.2715078842 × 10e15 seconds

Frontier is on 84 or 1.1 exaFlops or 1.1e18 OPS Operations Per Second.
1:14,300,000 AES/s (14.3 Mil)
84 1.04284860454 × 10e18 seconds

If the reach the next 3rd Exponential and the rest are the next 3rds (Quantum Computing theoretical at best)
1:15,730,000,000 AES/s (15.73 Billion ) (498.79 years per second)
74 1.01840684038 × 10e21 seconds

1:17,303,000,000,000 AES/s( 17.3 Trillion ) (548,674.53 years per second ) - This might be the cap with quantum computing but who knows...
65 1.98907586011 × 10e24 seconds

[These two are in some deep quantum-computing sci-fi miracle if accomplished]
1:19,033,300,000,000,000 AES/x ( 19 Zillion ) (603,541,983.76 years per second)
55 1.94245689464 × 10e27 seconds

1:20,936,630,000,000,000,000 AES/x ( 20.9 Quadrillion ) (663,896,182,141.04) 633 Billion years per second
45 1.89693056117 × 10e30 seconds
YouAreDreaming  (OP)

User ID: 85130456
01/30/2023 09:31 PM
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Re: Can AI Accelerated Evolution trump 4 Billions Years of Abiogenesis (life evolution) in a single-second?