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Fighting a Head Cold -It's Bad Comedy Buddy

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 84900439
01/31/2023 12:29 PM
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Fighting a Head Cold -It's Bad Comedy Buddy
So I'm overseas visiting my foreign wife. (she doesn't have her green card yet.)

Anyways, I get this wicked head cold.

It's embarrassing as heck with your nose whistling, hacking, coughing, just sounding like a total loser in front of my woman here.

Luckily I brought lots of quality stuff in case I got sick like:
1) Oregano oil
2) Tumeric/ginger spray
3) Zinc
4) Vitamin D 10,000 IUs.
5) Manuka honey
6) Special aromatherapy eucalyptus oil.
7) Plus my wife brought me some stuff.

Ok so get this...

I'm throwing all this stuff at this damn cold and got green snot -- just worms of it oozing out my nose. Awful man.

I'm like thinking, how the heck is it possible for the human body to create these green snot worms every hour?

I'm not eating toxic stuff or eating food coughed on by some sickie.

Nobody is here supplying logistical support to this cold virus.

So how the heck is a tiny virus/bacteria able to just jack up a grown healthy man considering I'm throwing so much cold fighting stuff at it?

It's bad comedy man.