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The Siren Song of Normieville

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01/31/2023 03:51 PM
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The Siren Song of Normieville
The Dispatch calls it the Siren Song. It plays every day now, sometimes more than once. It's hard to miss the strident cry of 'wooooo – woe-be-you'. Others hear it too, but they're not listening. The frequencies they tune offer no mental placeholder for this bit of reality so it doesn't register.
The actual agenda is so evil and twisted that Normieville would rather drop dead than face it... literally. But every time the Siren Song plays, the Dispatch remembers. Behind the veil of the new normal, these “sudden” and “unexpected” deaths are casualties of war. A war they never even knew they were in.
[link to thebrickhousedispatch.substack.com (secure)]
Soulless fake humans are already AI.
They get triggered by particular words, symbols etc. They can't really bother about the meaning. They just look for the trigger words. Their language & comprehension skills are 0.
Some bots have bods, others don't.
Cara Is Spirit
Anonymous Coward
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United States
01/31/2023 04:11 PM
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Re: The Siren Song of Normieville
Excellent piece. Share it far and wide.