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No rotisserie chickens at Sam's club.


User ID: 81031998
United States
02/04/2023 03:42 PM
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No rotisserie chickens at Sam's club.
Well what would you expect. There has been so any chickens slaughtered or cooked alive in a fire for no good reason............and so there are no eggs.

Shortage of both eggs and chickens.

Now think about that how it goes out exponentially to other products or did you forget.?


Guess they will be subbing with crickets and chitin. (The fairy tale is already out there to brainwash you into believing that sheet is good for you.

[link to exoprotein.com (secure)]

tptb have already slaughtered up the beef industry. Now with this arctic blast bringing ungodly never before recorded freezing temps like outer space cold temps.... anything out there free ranging for the winter is dead on the hoof where they stand....just like the frozen dinosaurs.

Isn't it obvious that our food is deliberately being destroyed.

Welp.....it sure is also obvious that millions upon millions of people have woke up to this little troublesome fact and by golly there is going to be some holy person....some righteous person(s) out there that is going to open up the dumbs for plunder. You know it is inevitable. The delusion that it won't happen belongs onlyy to those that have a reservation for down there. They really know it too but they are still in denial and think their little hidey hole is safe and fail-safe. Shall we all laugh now..... or wait to see the look in their eyes.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 67980327
United States
02/04/2023 03:45 PM
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Re: No rotisserie chickens at Sam's club.
you dont want that precooked chicken anyway. it is product thats about to expire/turn green.