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Message Subject Why do they still call Him "Jesus" and the LORD "Jehovah" or even "Yahweh"?
Poster Handle Little Star
Post Content
Gods real name is locked in the book of Esther. In other words there are five verse's in the book of Esther that has Gods real name. (I love that hidden manna)
I watch daily on glp as people fight about Gods name.
Jehovah cannot be His name because there is not letter "J" in Hebrew.
I love having that talk with JW's when they tell me they are the only ones chosen.

Book of Esther:
7:7 and I find it really cool that the last one that tells Gods name is given in 7:7. Seven biblical numerics means "spiritual completion", and there are several subs to that meaning.
But those scriptures I gave have Gods name in them, hidden.
Ever wonder why all the words are in Caps in those verse's? Now you know.
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