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Message Subject Why do they still call Him "Jesus" and the LORD "Jehovah" or even "Yahweh"?
Poster Handle Tomek
Post Content
Do you know why it is told that :

do good for the evil ( for bad peoples ) but they will got the punishment later after death .

it is not logical because :

if you do good for the evil evil become to be good but good become to be evil .


In my opinion Jesus was forced to say this .

or ruler who is useing the evil gave this that Jesus will tell this .

you can do good only for unintentionally but not for the real evil .


Do you know why peoples have no contact on the earth with the spiritual church ?

but they are here and they call self they are church .

then they say that they have contact but it is secret contact

but Jesus told that if you hear anything on the ear go to the roof to say this for all .
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