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Sen. JD Vance is a NWO crony, stupid or both

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 83902059
02/17/2023 06:50 AM
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Sen. JD Vance is a NWO crony, stupid or both
[link to www.theintelligencer.net (secure)]

When asked about having Ohio declared a disaster area, he said that’s something he’s talked to the governor about but that’s something they have to be careful about, “to not let Norfolk Southern off the hook.”

In further comment when asked about getting Federal Emergency Management Agency aid and about the governor being told the state doesn’t qualify for FEMA help yet, Vance said he agrees with the governor’s contention that “Norfolk Southern needs to pay up for this right now, not the American taxpayer.”

(SO, I GUESS EITHER FEMA ONLY WILL APPLY TO A NATURAL DISASTER or the federal government won't step in until all responsible parties have done their part, people have died, etc?)

Vance addressed a question about the replacement rails installed so soon after the accident over contaminated soil, saying, “You can’t dig up and clean up an area if there’s railroad tracks over it.”