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Uncle Intel - International Bankers draining USA reserves via war

Mr Zipface

User ID: 84945253
02/21/2023 04:59 AM

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Uncle Intel - International Bankers draining USA reserves via war
Just heard a knarly story so of course I brought it here.

So, Biden gets a free trip to Kiev to announce an additional $500M towards the old $50B he has spent thus far. I though Putin would have just blown him up right. Easy pickings - nah.

Apparently, big Joe gets his 10% through this laundering scheme. Zelenskyy gets coke and cash for his role. China gets USA military tech to reverse engineer. Russia gets cash to hold up there end.

The international bankers are directing this show. Like COVID-19, it’s all about money. To be specific, it’s about
1. Taking money out of circulation from a country and pushing the people towards pain, fear and chaos.
2. Making more weapons (need actual money to move hands for these weapons.
3. Keeping the sheep buys tracking the war.
4. Control and compliance - all leaders are controlled by money and power.

This is a strategic plan to drain the USA as the worlds power moves to Asia. Just like the walkout of Afghanistan, the USA is continually making very expensive decisions as we move towards a new world order.

Mr Z