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dr. mary sherman, donald ferrie,judith baker, lee oswald..,,,and now the rest of the story...

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03/06/2023 06:10 PM
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dr. mary sherman, donald ferrie,judith baker, lee oswald..,,,and now the rest of the story...
always, the start point being the mystery whore of babylon(the military petroleum intel complex)..

dr. sherman spent some of her academic career at the university of chicago, a school that was loaded up with trust lawyers, their mandate being to cultivate oil price manipulation.. this intrusion occurred at the time of the arabian oil concession fight between standard oil of california and the anglo-persian oil co., the arabian oil being the largest commercial prize in the history of the planet...

that said, dr. sherman was launched out of maryland and naval intel(fort detreich,john hopkins, naval academy,the c.i.a. neighbor, etc.) and was set up in new orleans with the aforemntioned people to set up a lab to concoct cancerous agents to poison castro....the whole project was designed to fail much like the bay of pigs, with the intentions of keeping the cold war going in order to keep "readiness" petrodollars pouring in from both sides..

dr. shermans death was due to misuse of an experimantal particle accelerator which they thought would mutate and
replicate more potent cancer cells..they were then injecting monkeys with these cells which produced large tumors that they were then going to bacterialize tyo poison castro...dr. sherman lost her arm while using the new weopon..it basically disintegrated...

the intel assets then dragged the body back to her apartment when a cuban american asset who lived in her apartment finished the job by burning up the whole body..what even more revealing is that this asset raised orchids which was a hobby of the master c.i.a. counter intel chief james angleton!!..

now you youngsters in this forum should see this kennedy era destabilization event in this way..it was part of the generational economic manipulation keyed to energy price fixing that is coming to and end with the power of siberia energy project...your non-inflationary economic future is rising up on the other side of the pacific...and we thank you for your support.