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Some Info About The 'American' Reaper Drone & The Mission

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 82547445
United States
03/15/2023 08:06 PM
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Some Info About The 'American' Reaper Drone & The Mission
“1000% spy mission”: a military expert told how dangerous the American Reaper drone was that crashed over the Black Sea

“This drone has characteristics that are quite unique for this type - it is capable of climbing to a height of about 13 km, reaching speeds of up to about 400 km per hour, and in the reconnaissance-strike version it is capable of carrying up to 10 Hellfire anti-tank missiles. This is a fairly serious bomb load, ” expert Yuri Knutov noted.

According to the specialist, the drone that fell the day before was in the zone, which allows reconnaissance in relation to the Crimea and Russian troops located in the NVO zone.

“The spy mission here is not even 100% visible, but 1000%. This is tactical reconnaissance - a fairly powerful high-resolution video camera and equipment that allows you to record the frequencies of radio stations, missile guidance stations, radar stations, determine the location of air defense systems, air defense systems, determine the location of headquarters, command posts and, due to visual reconnaissance, take pictures of a sufficiently high permission, ” explained Knutov.

The fact is, the expert noted, that the actions of the Americans in relation to the Russian Federation are a gross violation of international law. In a situation where a Russian reconnaissance drone appears near New York at a distance of 300 meters, the US reaction would be well known, Knutov added.

Video footage of the drone;