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The AI Joe Rogan Show

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United States
04/13/2023 10:47 AM
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The AI Joe Rogan Show
Joe Rogan has warned of the growing threats posed by artificial intelligence (AI) after a version of his podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience,” was created entirely through the use of AI technology, sparking concern among listeners.

“This is going to get very slippery, kids,” Rogan wrote on Twitter on April 11 in response to a video of the fake show shared on the social media platform by content creator Farzad Mesbahi.

The fake video is titled “Joe Rogan AI Experience Episode #001” and features “guest” Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, the creator of the artificial intelligence system ChatGPT.

A disclaimer on the video noted that the contents depict a “fictional” podcast between Rogan and Altman, with all content generated using AI language models.

“The ideas and opinions expressed in the podcast are not reflective of the thoughts of Joe Rogan or Sam Altman,” the disclaimer reads.

It adds that the use of AI technology to generate the video is “solely intended as an exploration of the capabilities of language models and should not be misconstrued as a genuine conversation between the individuals depicted.”

Fake Guest Talks Elon Musk

Throughout the fake podcast, the AI-generated host “Rogan” and AI-generated guest “Altman” discuss various subjects including the future of AI, ethical issues surrounding such advanced technology, whether or not advanced AI could take jobs away from American workers, and, rather ironically, concerns regarding fake AI content, among other issues.

At one point, “Altman” even discusses his work with Elon Musk.

[link to www.theepochtimes.com (secure)]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 79637004
United States
04/13/2023 10:52 AM
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Re: The AI Joe Rogan Show
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