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Best friend announces she's converted to Islam..

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 74657414
United Kingdom
04/25/2023 03:00 AM
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Re: Best friend announces she's converted to Islam..
..and 10 minutes later she storms off after picking a fight based on her new 'faith'. She went from being my friend of many years to the behaviour of someone completely brainwashed in less than a few minutes. Shaking and crying with rage because I didn't want to read the scripture she was shoving in my face. I am not particularly religious, just interested in the history of most religions from a historical/cultural pov. 10 minutes later I'm ignorant and an Islamophobe. *shrugs*

That was about a month ago. Haven't seen or heard from her since (and we'd spend at least a day or two together each week).

This is what they do folks. Pull someone in, and fuck up their lives/relationships. Her poor boyfriend's probably getting the same treatment.
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