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Dancing Nurses Covid

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05/14/2023 10:39 PM
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Dancing Nurses Covid
I posted this response in one of the pages but think it should have its own thread. Previous I have studied manisfested and magic so I know what they are trying to do.

These people orchestrating this are deep into black, white magic, hermetic magic. They know the steps required to pull off a mass delusion pysop and hoodwink the public. They had to manifest their plan into reality. The first step is to plant it into the etheric plane. So plant it into the mind of public consciousness. This happenned with the 1992 olympics and 2012 olympic games. They uses symbols and performaces. You had the sea of cells, the spike protein, the nano blades graphene oxide. There were the dancing children and dancing nurses. The planted their plan into public consciousness and into the etheric plane. The Dancing Nurses must have been a trigger activation to pull everything into reality. Once something is in the etheric plan you must feed it energy to make it manisfest into the physical plane. That energy trigger must have been the dancing nurses.

Also the TV is their programming control. The TV programs your mind to accept and play out their plan they put in place. So I refuse to habe a TV in my house. I still have a computer but choose what to watch.

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