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LUCK and Birds Poop - Very weird about birds pooping on my Mercedes - GOOD LUCK


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United States
05/30/2023 02:55 AM

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LUCK and Birds Poop - Very weird about birds pooping on my Mercedes - GOOD LUCK
What is the significance of bird poop?

In many cultures, bird poop is believed to have special properties – providing protection, luck and fertility in plants(1). In India, it's thought that receiving a 'gift' of bird poop means good fortune will soon come; while in Latin America this symbolizes wealth being brought into the home.Apr 25, 2023


So I get up yesterday and my whole car is covered in bird poop. Not just a little... it had to be a WHOLE GROUP of birds passing.

I live on the water, there is a lot of animals around here.

From hood to window to top to the sides of the doors.
I could barely make it to a car wash to immediately to get it off.

So an interesting story... a lady was walking her dog just as I was getting to the car - I said can you believe this. I have never seen bird poop all over a car like this.

She said to me, there is something very special about this. You should receive some really good luck or good news from this. I would play the lotto. (Look it up online, it is true).

GUESS WHAT... just the day before, an older friend who is in bad shape- created her will, leaving me 100% of her estate. She had no children or family left. She signed the will yesterday.

Could the BIRDS BE RIGHT???
I must say the timing was very FREAKY.

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