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Pretend I look like Megan Kelly with a backside like Jennifer Lopez and..

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06/04/2023 01:19 PM

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Pretend I look like Megan Kelly with a backside like Jennifer Lopez and..
I reprogram the mosquitos and fruit gnats to visit the elites in order to render exactly what has been dished out on those that didn’t willingly accept their poisoned arrows.

Pretend those up in HR offices are reprogrammed to quietly delete all human resource protocols that demand employees to take harmful toxins that alter genes simply to go to work.

Pretend that the doctors pushing the substance, or anyone else, gets a really thick tongue that protrudes like a person with Down’s Syndrome upon even thinking about recommending it, and it only goes away when they shut their faces.

Pretend this playground is no longer ruled by the bullies and clammy smart nerds with disgusting sexual deviances, and anyone given to such get a little scorching to the perianal region.

Pretend the playground bullies learn quickly how to behave even faster than a dog within an electrical fence so they avoid suffering and calamity.

Last, pretend they gave up on their stupid narratives because they were boring and we’re annoyed by their political theater and abject greed.

And the only guy who can relate to me on the monkey bars, is Mel Gibson because he knows how to stand upon them rather than hang upside down.

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