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** North Pole Inner Earth Expedition **

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05/05/2008 10:11 AM
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** North Pole Inner Earth Expedition **
Expedition Leader Dr. Agnew on Coast to Coast AM

Hollow Earth Expedition: Brooks Agnew Pt.1
[link to www.youtube.com]

Hollow Earth Expedition: Brooks Agnew Pt.2
[link to www.youtube.com]

Hollow Earth Expedition: Brooks Agnew Pt.3
[link to www.youtube.com]

[link to www.ourhollowearth.com]

Expedition Update

Yesterday, I received an update on our expedition from our expedition leader, Dr. Brooks Agnew. So let me get you up to speed on what is going on.
Dr. Agnew has informed me that our expedition company has signed an agreement with Emerald Films as the producer to film our North Pole Inner Earth Expedition and
also with UFOTV as the global distributor for the films we produce on the expedition. These companies have direct links with WalMart and Best Buy, so we could possibly
sell a million DVD's within a year of returning from the expedition.

Both companies that charter the Yamal, the Russian nuclear icebreaker that we will be chartering for our trip, have contacted Dr. Agnew this past week with contracts to
book the ship for the expedition. It turns out that our advertising has had a HUGE effect on the bookings these companies have received for North Pole trips aboard the
Yamal. In fact, they are nearly 100% booked for the North Pole Tours for this coming summer of 2008.

What this means is that we must come up with a sizable deposit within the next 4 weeks, or we will be postponed for another year. We need previous expedition members
and all interested parties to the North Pole Inner Earth expedition to go to our expediton website and make a donation and/or make a purchase of any of our memorabilia,
especially our Introductory Expedition DVD -- so that we can raise the necessary money to book the Yamal for this coming summer 2008.

You can find our expedition website link from the home page of ourhollowearth.com or just click on [link to www.phoenixsciencefoundation.org]
If you haven't submitted your application to go on the expedition, you can do that also on our expedition website. Dr. Agnew is reviewing all application submissions and will
make the determination of those chosen to go on the expedition.

In the past 14 months, Dr. Agnew has spoken in 13 cities and has spent over $20,000 of his own money promoting this project. A previous expedition member also helped
finance some of the expense for the Introductory Expedition DVD. Dr. Agnew indicates that we are about ready to sign the investment we need to make this voyage a go.
The interest in the expedition is now higher than it has ever been. Even Australian investors have shown an interest. In May, we won first prize in the Genes of Galileo film
hypothesis contest in Japan. Seventeen thousand Japanese voters chose our film we submitted as the best. We now have the momentum we need to make this expedition
happen. So we need all interested persons that want to see this expedition come off successfully to chip in with donations and purchases on our expedition website to make
sure we have the funds to pull off the expedition.

In January, Dr. Agnew is going to Egypt for two weeks to film another documentary for our Expedition DVD set that is now in the works. It is our hope that with enough sales
of our Expedition DVD's, we can raise the necessary money to make the North Pole Inner Earth Expedition and subsequent expeditions a reality.

As for myself, I did an Internet radio interview on Hollow Earth / Hollow Planets theory in September, and will be doing another Internet TV interview the second week of

With this and subsequent expeditions we intend to prove to the world with film and scientific documentation that this earth of ours is indeed HOLLOW, and that most likely all
bodies in space, planets, moons, stars and even asteroids, are most likely hollow, and could very well be inhabited within.

Of interest, in May of this year 2007 was the discovery of a baby mammoth found on the Yamal peninsula of Northern Russia. This peninsula is the land closest to the
location I have estimated for the North Polar Opening, and its proximity is most likely the reason the baby mammoth arrived there from its origin on the Inner Continent within
the Polar Opening. Olaf Jansen, in his 1829 voyage to our hollow earth reported that on the shores of the Inner Continent live herds of the woolly mammoth, the remains of
which have been discovered so often in northern Siberia and especially on the New Siberian Islands. Olaf reported that mammoths often wander out over the frozen
mouths of rivers that empty into the Arctic Ocean from the Inner Continent within the Polar Opening and fall in crevasses in the ice and are instantly frozen. Later, when the
summer sun shines through the Polar Opening, the river mouths are thawed out and the rivers push the iceburgs out to sea with their emtombed carcasses of inner earth
animals. Thus remains of woolly rhino, steppe lions, giant deer, mammoth and foxes and a hardy breed of horse which scientists claim are all prehistoric are preserved in
the Arctic ice, but which Hollow Earth theorists claim more than likely come from inside the earth through the north polar opening, floating out in their tombs of ice, later
unloading them onto arctic shores.

This November, 2007, OneLight.com published a manuscript of a book written in 1980 by John B. Leith, who, with an assistant researcher dug up out of our National
Archives with Freedom of Information Act requests details about the development by elements in our government of the "round-wing" plane (reverse engineered flying
saucer) and while researching this topic discovered that our earth is hollow. He has an interesting account of Admiral Byrd's flight beyond the south pole through the south
polar opening, and claims that Germans from the Fourth Reich escaped to inner earth where a German colony in the Amazon jungle had found an entrance to the
hollow earth through communicating caverns. I received the manuscript about a year ago, scanned it and had put one-half of it up on the Internet for interested readers
when I was contacted by the son of the author. He said the manuscript was copyrighted and asked me to remove it from my website. I let him know that the copy of the
manuscript I received had no copyright notice on it, but I promptly removed it from my website nonetheless. A subsequent check of the copyright office revealed that there
indeed was a copyright by John B. Leith his father. I don't know if OneLight.com has secured permission to publish the manuscript, but it is an interesting read if any of you
would like to purchase it. They have it for sale as an ebook for $19 on their website.

Next summer we intend to go to the North Pole looking for the Polar Opening and evidence that it exists that we can document for all the world to see. Hopefully, we will be
met there by a ship or craft from Inner Earth. THAT will make our expedition the talk of the world. Our hope is to make contact with the civilization that inhabits inner earth.
We go in peace with the hope of reuniting outer earth with inner earth with a get acquainted meeting up near the pole. Dr. Agnew doesn't think the owners of the Yamal will
let us enter the polar opening and risk their hardware, but we are hopeful we will get close enough to find evidence of it's existence and that perhaps we can be met there by
Inner Worlders who may give some of us a brief visit to their Inner Earth realm aboard one of their craft.

Dr. Agnew is hopeful we can book the Yamal this January for the summer of 2008 for the North Pole Inner Earth Expedition and that 2008 can be the year we find hard-core
evidence for the existence of the North Polar Opening and that our earth is indeed hollow and inhabited within.

We will keep you posted.

Next Year in Eden,
Rodney M. Cluff, author
World Top Secret: Our Earth Is Hollow!

[link to www.ourhollowearth.com]
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United States
05/05/2008 06:16 PM
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Re: ** North Pole Inner Earth Expedition **
Godspeed to the North Pole Inner Earth Expedition!