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Derry Brownfield fired

Anonymous Coward
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United States
05/06/2008 02:48 PM
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Derry Brownfield fired

Farm Broadcaster Ousted after Ripping Monsanto’s Goon Squads
22 Corporate Crime Reporter 18, April 30, 2008

If you have heard of Learfield Communications, it is probably from listening to college football and basketball games.

The Jefferson City, Missouri based Learfield is one of the nation’s largest broadcasters of college sports.

But it also produces news programming heard throughout the farm belt.

Learfield was started 35 years ago by Clyde Lear and Derry Brownfield.

Lear went on to be the chairman of the company. He bought out his friend and partner Brownfield in 1985.

Brownfield went on to do market news reports for the Learfield news division until 1997 or so, when he started broadcasting a daily call-in show called The Common Sense Coalition.

Derry Brownfield would broadcast The Common Sense Coalition from the studios of Learfield Communications.

Learfield would subsidize the program and allow Brownfield to use its studios and satellite hook-up.

Monsanto happens to be a big advertiser of the Learfield news division – to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

Brownfield happens to think that Monsanto is an evil corporation.

Therein lies the rub.

For weeks, Brownfield had been ripping Monsanto on air for its policies of enforcing its seed patents against farmers.

On the April 16 show, Brownfield’s topic was seed industry concentration in America.

His guests were Fred Stokes, president of the Organization for Competitive Markets, and Michael Stumo, general counsel of the group.

Stokes and Stumo were promoting a new project to study corporate concentration in the seed industry.

Monsanto is the dominant player in the global seed industry and has a reputation for playing rough.

On air, Brownfield quoted from a newly published Vanity Fair article titled “Monsanto’s Harvest of Fear” by Donald Barlett and James Steele.

“Monsanto relies on a shadowy army of private investigators and agents in the American heartland to strike fear into farm country,” Barlett and Steele write. “They fan out into fields and farm towns, where they secretly videotape and photograph farmers, store owners, and co-ops, infiltrate community meetings, and gather information from informants about farming activities. Farmers say that some Monsanto agents pretend to be surveyors. Others confront farmers on their land and try to pressure them to sign papers giving Monsanto access to their private records. Farmers call them the ‘seed police’ and use words such as ‘Gestapo’ and ‘Mafia’ to describe their tactics.”

After reading from the Vanity Fair article, Brownfield then begins to riff on the Mafia theme.

“Multinational corporations are doing everything possible to change agriculture – and not for the better,” Brownfield says on the show. “I know a little bit about this – not a lot, just a little bit – but Monsanto literally they have Mafia goons out, do they not? They show up on farmers’ property, they try and harass them, they say if you don’t sign this, we are going to take you to court. They have literally tried to destroy agriculture as we know it. They have a goon squad. Maybe that’s not what they like to be called. But if it was the Mafia, we would call them the goon squad.”

Calling Monsanto’s patent enforcers goons was apparently the straw that broke this camel’s back.

Brownfield’s stint at Dearfield was about to end.

Last week, Brownfield was told that he could no longer broadcast out of the Dearfield studios. His buddy, Clyde Lear, posted a blog on the Learfield web site saying that Brownfield’s last show will be in mid-May.

“The Common Sense Coalition grinds to a halt on our system,” Lear wrote.
[link to www.corporatecrimereporter.com]
User ID: 1166783
11/16/2010 11:32 PM
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Re: Derry Brownfield fired
Sounds to me like Derry was being very kind in his descriptions of Monsanto's goon squads. The company is truly evil. I am an organic gardener and have been aware of Monsanto's corrupt global control of food agendas, for a long time. Trust nothing Monsanto! Vote with your dollars. Buy nothing from Monsanto. There is no need for GM anything. Monsanto's scientists/studies are all fraudulent. Organic always outproduces chemical and GM crops. Organic soil is alive and full of nutrients, therefore so to are the plants, therefore so to are the consumers.
Do not tolerate Monsanto's frankencrops infecting and terminating real food crops. Demand GM labeling, then don't ever buy it. Ask your restaurants if their food is organic or at least not GM frankenfood. You all can put a stop to corrupt genocidal companies like Monsanto if you all pull together.

I got a big yogurt company to remove Aspartame from their yogurt by educating their head nutritionist...well...I also told her that I cursed her for life if she knew how bad Aspartame was and still used it, and had the nerve to call their yogurt healthy. I may have also threatened to share my story of disgust, at finding in small hidden print that the yogurt I bought contained poison(Aspartame), with the hosts of some truth networks. They advertised the new yogurt "with no aspartame" a couple weeks later on TV.
So don't think that one person cannot make a difference.

BTW If you have not eaten organic produce then you don't know good tasting produce that also makes you thrive.