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Dangerous and Scary Trans Rep.From Minnesota Recounts 2023 Legislative Session With Ilhan Omar

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07/14/2023 12:37 PM
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Dangerous and Scary Trans Rep.From Minnesota Recounts 2023 Legislative Session With Ilhan Omar
The main thing I learned from this article, Ilhan Omar is more democrat than she is Muslim.
The headline to this story is not well written. She isn't calling Omar "dangerous and scary" - just the legislative session.

Additionally, this is the trans legislator from Minnesota who was named "Woman of the Year" by USA Today. She had only been in office for six weeks when they gave him that award.

This is the same person who wanted to make Minnesota a trans refugee state, wants to kidnap children from their parents when they don't "affirm" their gender and attempted to amend a bill to allow peedo feelya. The only thing that got defeated in Minnesota was the last one.

He's dangerous and scary.

‘Dangerous and scary’: Rep. Finke recounts 2023 legislative session with Ilhan Omar
The first-term legislator from St. Paul frequently accuses those who don’t share his views on gender of committing “genocide.”

By Hayley Feland -July 13, 2023

Direct link to news article:

[link to alphanews.org (secure)]

He belittled those who call gender-affirming care “child mutilation,” saying that most children don’t medically transition.

During the live video, Omar asked Finke if he had crazy stories or moments of “deranged arguments” from colleagues during the session. “Yes, yes to all of that,” Finke responded.

Finke went on to explain that he doesn’t care about people’s values. “I don’t care what your values are. Doesn’t matter to me if your religious system tells you that there are no trans people. That’s irrelevant to the question,” he said.