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Note to Self: Crackhead Tax Cheat does not make a good Tennant

Gypo O'Leary
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08/03/2023 11:21 AM
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Note to Self: Crackhead Tax Cheat does not make a good Tennant
some leftwing tard dumbass thought it would be cool to rent his beachfront home out to the scumbag-in-chief's piece of shit son.

Boy was he wrong.

[link to nypost.com (secure)]

Biden, 53, and his wife, Melissa Cohen, 37, rented a sleek property in Venice Beach overlooking the Grand Canal in 2021.

But quickly, their stay turned out to be a headache for then-owner Jonathan Neman, co-founder and CEO of Sweetgreen....

“Melissa was rude and entitled. They destroyed the stereo equipment in the home and when someone came to fix it, they were uncooperative. They also left the place dirty.”

Biden and Cohen moved out in 2022.... Biden also allegedly owed him three months’ rent equaling $80,000.

Biden and Cohen only lived in the residence for about six months — meaning they allegedly skipped on 50% of the rent before moving to Malibu.

Neman unloaded the three-story home for $3.94 million. He purchased it in 2017 for $4.85 million.

A. Nonymous Coward