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Jordanus Maximus AKA Jordan Maxwell debunked vid

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 421228
United States
05/16/2008 12:23 AM
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Jordanus Maximus AKA Jordan Maxwell debunked vid
<embed id="VideoPlayback" style="width:400px;height:326px" flashvars="" src=" [link to video.google.com] type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> </embed>
[link to video.google.com]

This is a film detailing the many mistakes and outright lies of Jordan Maxwell.
After months of research and checking Jordan Maxwell’s “facts” I found him to be a very deceptive and manipulative teacher. In addition to debunking many of his claims this films looks at his motivations and associations and shows that his philosophy is exactly that of the So called New World Order, although its very cleverly hidden. You will find his devotion to Theosophy includes naming Himself “Jordanus Maximus”

I used to believe everything this man said.

Do I Think he is one of THEM?
I don’t know, but I do know that whether he is or not he is helping sell so called Truth Seekers the New World Order religion on a silver platter.

Some Questions I answered:

Does the sun die on the cross of the zodiac?
Is the compass rose an acronym for “NEWS”
Does Christ mean “oil”?
Does anoint mean “sex”?
Is God merely a volcano?
Does the ark of the covenant represent the feminine ability to give life?
Did King Solomon exist?
Is the name Solomon derived from Sol OM On
Does OM mean The Sun?
Do we call turning on lights “on” because of Heliopolis?
Does Solomons temple represent sex?
Was Manna in the bible psychedelic mushrooms?
Where is the mushroom painting?
Does mushroom art in the 1200 speak for Christianity?
Does Judaism come from Saturn Worship?
Did the Egyptians say the sun was setting because of their god Set?
Does Yahweh or YHWH mean the building up and releasing of dynamic energy? And is it associated with sex?
Did Jordan Maxwell get His name from blavatskys “Jordanus Maximus” and if so why is he lying about it?
Why does he….
Jordan Maxwell calls for a new world order
He says God communicates with us only through symbols
He says the non-human/human hybrids are here and that they have a “divine right” to rule over us and that he is smart enough to accept it.
He also says that these hybrids are going to reward him for understanding their symbols
Some history about the Nephilim and the sons of god
Jordan Maxwell describes his encounter with aliens he explains how he told these entities that he would do their will as long as the didn’t come to him in his room or “abduct him”
And he explains how this deal was later confirmed and they would “channel” through him. He describes his uncle and family in the Vatican and the mob and says they are one in the same. More weird associations and conclusions.

Here is the audio if you cant watch movies for some reason
[link to nowheretorun.podomatic.com]

Also I did an interview with a guy a while back he does a radio show too and he did a movie on Maxwell too exept his was a very pro one, he stayed with Jordan for around a week in LA getting footage, so anyway this guy had me on to talk about this, this is before I out this movie together, it’s a very interesting show it can be downloaded here
[link to nowheretorun.podomatic.com]
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 421228
United States
05/16/2008 12:23 AM
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Re: Jordanus Maximus AKA Jordan Maxwell debunked vid

User ID: 327572
United States
05/16/2008 12:29 AM
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Re: Jordanus Maximus AKA Jordan Maxwell debunked vid
Great post. But for the record Joran Maxwell's real alias is his real name Russell Pines and he is nothing but a con man

Jordan Maxwell, a.k.a. Russell Pine, individually and doing business as BBCOA, a.k.a. BBC of America, a.k.a. Better Book and Cassette of America, and Vic Varjabedian, a.k.a. Victor Varjabedian, a.k.a. Varouj Varjabedian, individually;
[link to www.consumeraffairs.com]
For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in.