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RINOs are going to call AZ for democrats again: Maricopa County Republican Committee In Driver’s Seat On Presidential Primary

Anonymous Coward
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09/03/2023 10:57 AM
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RINOs are going to call AZ for democrats again: Maricopa County Republican Committee In Driver’s Seat On Presidential Primary
[link to arizonadailyindependent.com (secure)]

Maricopa County Republican Committee In Driver’s Seat On Presidential Primary
September 2, 2023 ADI Staff Reporter
pima county vote tabulator

A recently passed resolution from the Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC) called on the Arizona State Republican Party (AZGOP) to opt out of the traditional presidential primary and instead conduct a privately funded and operated presidential primary that the county wanted to feature precinct level voting and no counting machines of any sort, leading to a full hand count of the results.

The MCRC claimed that taking this action would show the world that it was possible to accurately hand count an election and provide accurate results that same evening, and that succeeding in this mission would add credibility to efforts to outlaw counting machines of every kind and to require hand counts for all future Arizona elections.

The resolution, passed on August 26th, had two specific asks of the State GOP. First, that AZGOP Chairman Jeff DeWit withdraw the AZGOP from the government-run 2024 Arizona Presidential Preference Election by September 1st, and second, that the AZGOP conduct its own statewide presidential primary election. The resolution was unclear as to the manner of the election, except to say that “The manner of election shall be developed by We The Republican Precinct Committeemen, and how we conduct our election shall be voted on and adopted by our fellow Republican State Committeemen at the January 2024 AZGOP Mandatory Meeting.”

In response to the urgent request, the AZGOP pointed out that there was not enough time to lawfully even consider the request, nor to provide adequate notice of a State GOP meeting to vote on the idea, but AZGOP Chairman Jeff DeWit did give the county some good news, writing that there is “a compromise solution that would allow the MCRC to manage a parallel election for Maricopa County exclusively.”

“We hope that the MCRC submits a detailed written proposal, including budget, to the Executive Committee of running a parallel election for Maricopa County only,” wrote DeWit, in a response sent to the State Executive Committee. He added, “The MCRC has committed to funding the entire venture, ensuring no financial impact on the state party or other counties. Upon receiving this written proposal, the AZGOP will provide the necessary 30-day notice for an ExComm vote to allow the MCRC to run a parallel election to the state-run election exclusively for Maricopa County.”

Maricopa County Chairman Craig Berland and First Vice Chairman Shelby Busch and the rest of the MCRC can now proceed with doing what they want to do, and they have the opportunity to demonstrate how well their ideal election can run, in one of the largest counties in the country. Should they be successful, it may help to advance the cause of hand-count advocates around the nation.

Some Republican activists have expressed concerns about the costs, but Berland was elected in large part on his commitment to raise several million dollars for the county, so funding may not be an issue for the Maricopa County Committee.

As to the idea itself, GOP precinct committeemen are split. “Kudos to Berland and Busch for pushing this idea. No matter what it costs, they are right to insist that we do this in Maricopa County and show the nation and the world how to run a real election.” said one excited supporter, who said she would happily volunteer to help count the ballots in her own precinct.

“Honestly, it feels like a stunt to get their names out there and try to make Jeff DeWit look bad,” said another committeeman who asked that her name not be used because she has to work with everyone involved. “It wasn’t thought through, they did it way too late for it to actually be accomplished, and now that they have everyone’s blessing to do it themselves, you just know they’re going to figure out a way to weasel out of it and try to blame DeWit or someone else for their failure.”