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"Trin.....I want you to stay out of the Matrix....but I don't know what this means by me telling you this"

Silent Boi
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09/04/2023 02:18 PM
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"Trin.....I want you to stay out of the Matrix....but I don't know what this means by me telling you this"
Is it coincidence, fate, or evil intentions through manipulation?

The Matrix Reloaded is like Minority Report in that evil provides a vision of what happens or they say is going to happen and when the time comes they manipulate to make that scenario happening more of a likelihood, right?

Or again, is it fate or inevitability?

Or is it merely coincidence?

These questions are the basis of Matrix 101, when Neo tells Trinity to stay out of the Matrix because he was given a vision of Trinity's death in 'The Matrix'.

And when it came close to crunch-time, Neo seemed to toy with fate and tell Trinity to stay out of the Matrix because of this vision.

But what if she was going to enter anyway?

It's this last question that reveals the answer, that it is indeed evil intentions, and that's what Minority Report is about.

I'm not saying it was 'The Oracle'.....some will argue otherwise because of the Architect's last words in Revolutions, saying "You played a dangerous game" to the Oracle. Some think the Oracle gave Neo this sight of the future in a system that reflects remote neural monitoring and humaan-brain-blueprinting-eventuality, that everything is mapped out by the elite and they do whatever they can at every cost to stop the butterfly effect from running loose because of some elaborate plan, this plan being clearly evil in Minority Report.

But Minority Report isn't the same story of the Matrix, at least we're to assume, as far as the outcome, right?

If you were told years in advanced by someone in some high-profile organization (we won't say the FBI or CIA because we'll leave this fictional, trust me) that someone was going to hurt someone you loved dearly, and you even knew the date it was going to happen, and then your loved one gets a mysterious call reflecting something out of your control, would you TRY to control it to keep them safe?

Or would you worry that changing the course of this fate could result in something worse for your loved one, whether in the near-immediate future or somewhere further down the road?

This is your food for thought for the day before you think all of us targeted individuals are randomly selected. Somem of us are in the middle of something horrible, as well as other people involved in a past-situation.