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Creepy Super Mario Bros. (1993 version) 9/11 Mandela Effect hint? Video embedded! Plus Neo's passport expires on 9/11, Remember this is theory

Silent Boi
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09/07/2023 09:24 PM
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Creepy Super Mario Bros. (1993 version) 9/11 Mandela Effect hint? Video embedded! Plus Neo's passport expires on 9/11, Remember this is theory
This is all theory and probably over-speculation based on my obsession with solving what I theorize happened on 9/11/2001 and an aspect of what 'The Matrix' is all about, along with my theories on Atlantis and its sister cities as well as large hadron colliders.

[] = Blinking cursor = Wait

T = Balance Scale = Weight

99 = Matrix = Movie

AA = Alcoholics Anonymous = Programmed (not Program, we're not in a simulation)

Therefore, the Matrix = Representation of Cinematic Predictive Programming for 9/11/2001 in this regard, even look at Neo's passport, expires on 9/11/2001 in the original 'The Matrix'

9/11/2001 was put into thousands of children's and adult's minds with the helicopter crashing into the side of the building in the original 'Matrix' film, and then with 'Flight Simulator' that was released in schools before 9/11/2001, yes to educate children for pilot training, but also served in the programming of many children's minds to be remotely neural monitored, children who would be potentially interested in 9/11/2001 because of the aspect of 'crashing an airplane into a building' and who were captivated by this idea while playing 'Flight Simulator'.

These minds were more likely to come up with crazy theories that nobody would believe, the irony that they would pick one of these anomalies of all anomalies to see who would eventually 'crack' it, only to prove through these means I've said that this world has the capability to be predicted down to a 'T' as long as they don't interfere with their target's free-will above ground while they study BELOW.....Keep in mind this is all theory.

Therefore, by INCEPTION, who I believe is the Mafia literally used human-brain-blueprinting to see eventualities by planting the seed of 9/11/2001 in young minds through 'Fight Club', 'The Matrix', 'Flight Simulator' to see what kinds of crazy theories these accurately-blueprinted minds came up with, and they targeted these curious minds based on their literal fascination with the concept of airplanes crashing into buildings and the basic concept of a building or city being demolished. I'm not saying I ever wanted something like 9/11/2001 to happen or that more people wanted something bad to happen than you think, but I'm merely telling you that the 'Matrix' movies strongly utilized remote neural monitoring of children and adults in real life to search for these anomalies.

However, something inter4esting was done with the 'Oracle' scene. They put an ASMR test in the movie to see who was running a certain sexual-inception agenda, who THEY were watching, hence who was VICTIMIZED by it, hence "Now I'm supposed to say "Mmmmmmm"........I won't go any farther than this. Let knowledge be power and if you just felt an impulse, keep reading my post instead of acting on your impulse. Everything begins with choice, remember. Morpheus said that, and it's absolutely true.

Then there's the aspect of the Mandela Effect in the 1993 Super Mario Bros. movie that shows the border-line destruction of the towers, that the two 'connectors' or 'bridges' you see appear between the two buildings in the following clip mean something.....this aspect of these two bridges connecting to the two towers after their destruction in the following clip would be meaningless, but the Mandela Effect applies here because there are people on the replies in the YouTube section that say they recall either remembering these bridges, hearing about them, or other people confirming that they indeed had the same notion that these bridges existed at some point in the tower's history.

Although the 'Mandela Effect' sort of borders on 'Deja Vu' on a more sophisticated level, I tried to explain earlier that large hadron colliders have the possibility to serve as a means to literally rewind the general, collective hallucinatory-experience of life in the Milky Way by countering the counter-clockwise movement of the Milky Way, as we are in the dead-center of the Milky Way according to what I believe, and that Atlantis and its sister cities were the first cities on Earth, inhabited by Earth's original inhabitants - water-breathing aliens who were given specific instructions to build these sophisticated mechanisms with the power of crystals God spawned on Earth.

However, God's natural counter-measure of Earth's terrain were the artic glaciers not too far from these sister cities, and whether the aliens knew it or not, something happened that pissed God off, as he and his fellow vibrations within the ACTUAL (yes ACTUAL) Illuminati, again an entity of VIBRATIONS governed by God, decided to send a heat wave that melted these huge artic glaciers and flood these cities and their large hadron colliders, disabling the hallucinatory-rewinding aspect of these giant mechanisms. This was was we know as the 'Great Flood' in the Bible. Noah's Ark may or may not be true (and yes I'm aware what I'm doing right now is a sin according to the Bible, re-telling it to fit it how I see it).

However, the blueprints for the large hadron collider were stolen, though our universe's Illuminati entity governed by God probably weren't worried because crystals were the old form of powering these mechanisms and since all the crystals remain underwater they wondered what they could even do with the blueprints, it seems the eventuality of evolution of the apes and lizard-type creatures would lead to the invention of electricity and other forms of power. How do we know this? Well there are large hadron colliders today, so they're powered somehow, aren't they?

Here is a scene from 'Contact' which I believe she's looking at the origin of Earth, or at least closer towards the beginning, viewing the alien-inhabited city of Atlantis and its sister cities, equipped with their large hadron colliders. Keep in mind that according to many sources, Atlantis itself WAS SHAPED like it shows here, along with its sister cities.

But back to 9/11/2001 for a bit....

Of course 9/11/2001 was likely a way to kill multiple birds with one stone, but I theorize the main purpose was a cruel game in which New York City could have been destroyed by imposing a cruel 'Riddle' on informed intel of 'Why do air sacs break down' from a May 28, 1965 Life Magazine. This riddle has the following answers. Air sac = Sky hook balloon in this aspect, so the cruel joke was to make them attempt sky hook in the first place to remove a theorized atom bomb (remember, this is just a theory) but by solving the riddle the CORRECT way, they saved New York.

So, imposed with the riddle 'Why do air sacs break down', you could answer

Rip a sky hook balloon = R.I.P. = Rest in Peace

Poke a sky hook balloon = (Actually I won't say this one, it's kind of far-fetched and would piss a lot of people off but it's based on place in the middle of the U.S.A., just a theory)

But 'Wait' or 'Weight' come full circle with the beginning of this 9/11 theory post, as an atom bomb WEIGHS too much for sky hook operation.

And Pop = You can POP an air sac, and a type of POP is Mountain DEW = D.E.W. = Directed Energy Weapons, which likely were built into the towers according to my theory, so WAIT, an atom bomb weighs too much for sky hook, so do the D.E.W. column (theoretically could have been a hollow column or elevator shaft that extended clear below ground, and my theory is that they forced informed intel to bomb the underground on 9/11/2001).

I'll continue this later. If you have any thoughts please respond. I'd rather have you call me an idiot and argue your points than not respond, but you don't have to respond.
Anonymous Coward
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United States
09/09/2023 07:01 PM
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Re: Creepy Super Mario Bros. (1993 version) 9/11 Mandela Effect hint? Video embedded! Plus Neo's passport expires on 9/11, Remember this is theory
Fully Factionated
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09/09/2023 07:11 PM

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Re: Creepy Super Mario Bros. (1993 version) 9/11 Mandela Effect hint? Video embedded! Plus Neo's passport expires on 9/11, Remember this is theory
Nice post op.