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a juxto correction/addition to jackie kennedy and the zapruder film...

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10/04/2023 04:57 PM
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a juxto correction/addition to jackie kennedy and the zapruder film...
no doubt the film was doctored but the thought that jackie was not dressed to climb on the trunk to retrieve the skullpiece should consider that she was an equestrian...the zapruder connection to the military/PETROELEUM/intel complex would be that zapruder was in the fashion biz as was jackie and another asset known as princes sumaire(see bruce wasserstein's book and the secret war in shangheii)... cosider the fashion biz as part and parcel of the c.i.a. entertainment asset..

now lets get back to jackie..she not only was an equestrian, but she spoke three languages,was good looking, and was thus used as a political asset..but her most important connection was as an economic asset for he mother remarried into the standard oil fortune thru the auchincloss'..

so we can clearly see the truth in seyour hershs' research discovery that jack told him that if he had to do his life over again he'd have a different father, a different wife,and a different religion...he bit the hand that was feeding him by not going along with a $200 billion dollar war...(the patriarch arranged the marriage as result of his seeking the topmost level thru his ambassordship to england, the roots of which are the ionternational petroleum exchange in london..and we thank you for your support