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king ibn saud...yitzhak rabin...the ukraine..israel/palestine..the great mystery whore of babylon...

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10/16/2023 07:38 PM
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king ibn saud...yitzhak rabin...the ukraine..israel/palestine..the great mystery whore of babylon...
as we've come to learn, the great mystery whore of babylon is the military PETROLEUM intel complex also known as the power elite or the deep econo-state..

that said, king ibn saud on his death bed stated that a man's enemies are his money and his family(the saud family is the richest in the world worth over a trillion followed by the eurobased rothschild family)..the family situation with the house of saud was who was going to be the crown prince among the kings many sons thru multiple wives..

THAT said, the ukranian rooted prime minister rabin of isreal had the courage to have a peace sitdown with yassar arafat(oslo accords) which led to his assasination by an end of the world rabbinical student with yemenese roots, he marrying a wealthy euro-russian, the marriage taking root in a very exclusive
area of israel..prime minister rabin had seen enough bloodshed in the ukraine (WW2) thru his heritage and was shaped by peace and prosperity as opposed to violence based wealth that the mystery whore so enjoys..

now lets get to the model in place that is in frenetic mode to keep the price of oil from coming down too quickly and it is coming down for good based on the power of siberia energy project that the bible tells us will be a great mountain that will cover the whole earth..

the model would be the two wingman big oil and the militaries of the world with global intel being the linkup thru its many assets in business and linguistics that have given birth to what we call p.m.c's( in the old days they called them mercenaries)..in the case of the ukraine, that war was started by sabateurs blowing up the nordstream pipeline which led to the launching of missles by other p.m.c's from belarussia into the ukraine in areas occupied by civilians both russian and ukranian thus drawing in the nation state armies of both nations..

in the case of the current situation in israel, global intel asseted into hamas and launched missles into israel at other p.m.c's imbedded into the israeli military intel complex and fire was returned, this current event riding the bloody moneymaking coattails of the ukranian "war"...

and it seems to me all the destabilization is heading to the APEC conference in san francsico in one way or another which itself is keyed to the fruiton of the power siberia constructiuon timetable...and we thank you for your support..