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juxto on the greatful dead..and now the rest of the story...

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United States
10/24/2023 06:15 PM
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juxto on the greatful dead..and now the rest of the story...
now i'm not criticizing the dead or jerry garcia who i consider to be a good guy(the music, however, i can take it or leave it) but the dead were used in a more extensive way than juxto thinks..the rest of the story..

looking at the start of the band, jerry was chosen as the point man as he had played with groups around the bay area and came from a musical background and
as a forementioned being a good guy.....military intel,however, had their own entertainment agenda, that being to use the dead as distraction propaganda to get the 19 year olds minds off the real reason for the fight($$$)..(the average age of the vietnam g.i. was 19, ww2 26)...so off they went on the military intel magical mystery tour...

the first way that they set out the propaganda was to get national coverage as the dead were the first american coast to coast touring band..second, the band had a state of the art sound system hatched out of palo alto and its c.i.a. academic asset(audio distraction)...third, the band played the longest concerts, sometimes going on for hours and hours..lastly, when they returned to the fillmore they became an MTV band as they played in front of a movie screen which showed shifting colorful images that synched up with the l.s.d. that intel had dumped on the country(millions of hits)...and we thank you for your support..