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United Nations Agenda 2030 - What is means for your electricity and food?

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United Kingdom
11/01/2023 01:17 PM
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United Nations Agenda 2030 - What is means for your electricity and food?
The goals of the United Nations Agenda 2030 seem noble but they will be difficult to obtain.

Only a tiny percentage of our electricity currently comes from wind turbines and solar panels. Diesel is used to power wind turbines when the wind is not strong enough to power them. Both wind turbines and solar panels have a limited life span. It is unlikely renewable energy sources can scale up in time for 2030.

Oil is not a fossil fuel. It is found at depths far greater than animal remains have ever been found.

Anthropogenic climate change is a hoax. Carbon dioxide is heavier than the average weight of air and so sticks close to the Earth's surface where it is needed by plants for photosynthesis. It will not rise up to act as a greenhouse type ceiling. Humans only produce 4% of the annual carbon dioxide production. Carbon dioxide is a rare gas only measured in parts per million.

Trying to move our electricity production over to solar panels and wind turbines will result in higher cost electricity and less of it.

Bill Gates owns USA farmland. See
[link to nypost.com (secure)]

The government is taking land against from farmers in the Netherlands.