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Subject Tatum O'Neal paid $100,000 for crack cocaine product placement
Poster Handle OMFG
Post Content
Turns out Tatum O'Neal's arrest for buying crack cocaine isn't as innocent as it appears.

According to sources close to the former child star, she was paid $100,000 by the Crack Distributors of America, a trade group representing major dealers, to be arrested while purchasing the illegal substance. It's part of a new initiative to promote crack, which has seen sales decline recently as newer drugs like meth have gotten more media attention.

"The crack dealers wanted to reach women between 18 and 45 and realized paid product placement in gossip magazines and websites via a washed up ex-celebrity would be the perfect vehicle," someone in the O'Neal camp told Dateline Hollywood.

"As it turns out, Tatum was ready, willing and eager to snort or shoot up any drug she could get her hands on, so it was a perfect match and we reached a deal really easily."

LINK: [link to www.datelinehollywood.com]
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