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Liar, Liar YO Pants on Fire!

User ID: 86211675
United States
11/10/2023 11:02 AM
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Liar, Liar YO Pants on Fire!
In a world where truth falters and tales conspire,
Lies weave a web, igniting like fire.
"Liar, liar, pants on fire," they'd proclaim,
Words draped in falsehood, a deceitful game.

Not a syllable pure, not a sentiment true,
Love withers away in the hearts it once knew.
For where falsehood reigns, sincerity departs,
Leaving love's garden desolate, breaking tender hearts.

Each whispered untruth, a tear in trust's seam,
Shattered beliefs, a forsaken dream.
In love's sacred haven, once bright and alive,
Echoes of deceit now shadow and strive.

Yet amidst this bleakness, a chance can be found,
To rebuild the honesty on truthful ground.
For love, though wounded, can find its way back,
When honesty's flame mends the trust that's off track.

So let not the lies extinguish love's flame,
Let truth be the compass, the heart's guiding aim.
For in a world where falsehood may conspire,
Honesty reigns—love rekindles higher.

How sad the world is today when you can't trust anyone's word to be true, honest, sincere and with love. Not many have these traits any longer. Sad, sad, sad.