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Nibiru spotted near Jupiter, calling IR telescope users to confirm!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 86188992
United States
12/02/2023 09:50 PM
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Re: Nibiru spotted near Jupiter, calling IR telescope users to confirm!
While on a astronomy thread, thought I'd ask if everyone is having the moon rise directly to the south?

In the winter, thus far, noting that I'm definitely not outside dark and cold days often, have noted the moon rises far more south, basically it goes from directly out my front door facing east, where it usually rises having to clear our tree there, to the mail boxes down the road.

I've never seen it rise directly due south, the mountain range connecting to the US border before. I could have missed, too cold to check all the time, and researching it there were things mentioned like moon cycle. This looks sort of like a half moon, direct south, when it should more south indeed, but never expected due south.

But it bothered me because I kept asking what that light on the top of the south mountain was, when we were out practicing driving for my youngest son. Then it cleared the mountain.
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