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a shout out to juxto on jack ruby....

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United States
11/21/2023 02:20 PM
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a shout out to juxto on jack ruby....
the rubenstein/rutkowski family was a mid level, organized crime nexus launched out of detroit/chicago(purple gang/ outfit), detroit being the key due to its proximity to british controlled canada and thus international banking..thats the geography..

the ethnic/ religious hookup into international petrobanking would be the protestant/hindu english brahmins and the judeo-christian prussians(the rubenstein matriarch was a rutkowski).....

also jack ruby was bi-sexual/monosexual way more than homosexual, if any of that matters...what matters most was his connections into the military/PETROLEUM/intel complex which was the capital asset/cover into the clubs and his connection into MR. MEYER and the caspian oil(see yesterdays beverly oliver post)...and we thank you for your support..