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Communitarianism is the real goal behind agenda 2030

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United States
11/28/2023 03:28 AM
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Communitarianism is the real goal behind agenda 2030
While billionaires make decisions about you eating insects, get ready to protect your family, home and wealth. #Communitarianism will take your wealth, body & your soul for the good of the whole. They will decide who pays for grifters & grifters will decide your fate.


This is part of Communitarianism. Many in the black community have already jumped on board w/ #Islam. Transgenders are now part of “#woke” culture & infusion into Islam has driven the pope to wake da F up! Eventually, they’ll be molded into a fusion religion but like all religions, they believe there will survive. They’re all jumping on board to their train to no where. This way sheep!

Communitarianism is Communism. A rose by any other name smells exactly the same and this stinks Mike high.

This is in an effort to coverup the failing banking system. Secure your wealth! The agenda is on the move! We see it everyday. Some believe it is a simple socialist push. Some see it as Communism. Communitarianism can look like both. Private corporations will be held responsible via citizen stake holders in their corporations to the point there is no corporation. Your individual rights will be gone. Freedom of speech kiss it goodbye. Gun ownership, no place for it. Laws, no need with citizen community leaders making decisions for you. Worse, the law will mean nothing. No police to come to your aid. Just a witch-hunt if you disagree.

Look at the anti-MAGA push at the FBI. Political dissidents against this agenda. The days of Libertarianism will be over. If you like your way of life, better get prepared to fight for it.

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Anonymous Coward
User ID: 85119488
United States
11/28/2023 04:55 AM
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Re: Communitarianism is the real goal behind agenda 2030
Rosa Koire was an expert on Ag21 and Communitarianism. Now she is dead