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Asking people who have never had an out of body experience their opinion of life and consciousness.

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11/28/2023 08:15 PM
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Asking people who have never had an out of body experience their opinion of life and consciousness.
At one point I was just a regular Christian Baptist. I went to church from 8 years old until 18 years old, got Baptized at 16, thinking because I had "God", I had all the "meaning" of life. No room for anything, I already knew everything reality had to offer. Yep, "you got that promotion at work? God did that, not you." Yet you make a bad decision? "That was the devil." In a majority of situations, removing the individual from learning the effects of their own actions, for better or worse.

After my pastor was disbanded from the church because a small group of women acted like a cult controlling the church, they bastardized the entire local establishment. Thus, half the church left because it seemed so UN....Christian-like?

I had a 3 year bout of Atheism, because at that point nothing made sense, and only my ego became important.

A few years later, after having a few out of body experiences somewhere in my teenage years (I'm 34 now), I lost my fear of death that religion had instilled and me, I began not to look at people, but at reality itself and all of the living things. I looked at the green blades of grass. At plants. The trees. The seeds. The water slowly ascending then descending upon the beach. The birds, the bugs. I began to look not at commandments nor laws of man but upon all aspects of the natural world and couldn't for the life of me imagine anything that would bring all of this into existence with one hand....then curse us with the other. "Ahhh yes look at this brand new innocent, baby boy, let's give him cancer because 'God' is mysterious and traumatize his parents putting them into $300,000 in debt having to sell their house in exchange for a loss of life."

Eventually this began to look more like a reflection of a systematic human problem, versus a divine one, regardless of my own spiritual perspective of existence and consciousness.

Alongside out of body experiences, I also encountered multiple NDE's (near death experiences), all of the above instilling a new openness in regards to learning new concepts about reality, and existentialism.

And that's also where I learned something.

Anyone who has never had an experience that has challenged their modern paradigm of what 'reality is', they will cling to arrogance. To ego. To some white-knuckle-gripped concept of 'keeping it all together' whether it's about the state of the economy, whatever political belief their parents instilled in them, or what have you, because any new concept challenging their reality, is seldom an opinion to welcome a new gained perspective for the individual, but an opinion that challenges their entire meaning of life. Somewhat feeding the concept that, if half of society werent' NPC's, why would they intentionally behave in such an inhumane, non-empathetic way?

Arrogance, ego, pride. Which in the long run are a helmet, because reality levels all of us.

So.....why are we here? I think we're seeing it. Where all of us, regardless of relion, or science, or atheism, pantheists, hinduism, what have you, where we lose our ever-lovin-minds, is not when we open the door to a new idea, but when we close the door to all of them if we have not experienced them ourselves.




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