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this is why i'm strongly recommending a switch from the untolders to juxto...the no. hollywood bank robbery...

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12/04/2023 04:08 PM
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this is why i'm strongly recommending a switch from the untolders to juxto...the no. hollywood bank robbery...
juxto has the no. hollywood bank robbery up(1993) and its very important as it led to expansion of the energy guzzling security apparatus thru the advanced weopons that were used that no civilian police departments in america had at their disposal at the time of the robbery of which there were five previous to it..after the robberies the process immediately began to get big petrodollar weopons contracts going coast to coast..

i was in so. cal at the time on the street working under naval intel(as all do as postal employees in san diego depending of course on the extent that they want to use you) and the principals reminded me of the colombine shooting team(one principal having long hair and the other short, the blood running form both sides of the mouth as prophecy tells us..

exploring the no. hollywood incident a liitle further we see the petrodollar connection as the romanian was linked into intel assets from that country(oil facsists), those assets steadily moving from the eastern bloc after the 1991 soviet breakup, riding the wave that began after ww2...

the petrodollar connection to colrado based mr. phillips was the oil lobby initiated s&l scandle that set up in colorado as title deed compensation for ops teams that were regulating the war on drugs out of that state where the air force set up selective enforcement thru its surveillance technology of the air..

additionally as juxto stated so perfectly phillips and the romanian were both on p.e.d's that were being brokered thru the fitness club venue assets, these drugs being very advanced that the miltary gets first, the c.ia. brokering in these drugs into the civilian world as entrance strategy for moneymaking destabilization events like the no. hollywood shootout..and we thank juxto and the forum for your support..