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As the Globalist conduct their controlled Demolition of America, I am starting my Stay at Home One Year Bucket List

Anonymous Coward
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United States
12/04/2023 06:51 PM
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As the Globalist conduct their controlled Demolition of America, I am starting my Stay at Home One Year Bucket List
It seems a bit grim to start doing a bucket list but I do not see anything stopping the Globalists. It seems they will either get What they want or burn things down if they don't. I will still resist and help those who want to resist. Give me liberty or give me death! But in the meantime, I want to experience the rest of my earthly existence as best I can from my home before I am either sent to a FEMA camp or they send me home to my Lord. For my bucket list, there will be no long trips or even short trips. Maybe one trip to Florida but mostly just doing things fun and interesting at or near my home.

Instead of the grandiose bucket list, I have created a list of local experiences. Going to a bunch of different restaurants in my area around the NY Metro. Eating pizza at numerous pizza joints. Eating as much steak as I can before they make cattle illegal. Visiting museums and other historical places. Doing outdoor hikes. Hiking a bunch of hills and mountains. Going kayaking and canoeing. Going to scenic places for beautiful views. Cooking all sorts of different cuisines in my kitchen or on the grill. Watching a bunch of classic movies. Watching a bunch of comedy shows. Watching old Johnny Carson shows. Watching a bunch of interesting documentaries. Playing golf on as many courses as I can before they make golf illegal. Biking on as many bike trails near my house as I can. Going fishing. And reading and learning the Bible and praying everyday. This is my simple bucket list.

I am unvaxxed and a patriot so I think my time is short. I don't own a gun so I am not sure how I can be must help in fighting the Globalists. I will never submit to their tyranny. I have a target on my back which I wear proudly. I will resist and fight back as much as I can.