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the no. hollywood bank robbery revisted...the great mystery whore of babylon...

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United States
12/05/2023 05:27 PM
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the no. hollywood bank robbery revisted...the great mystery whore of babylon...
first, a big thanx to juxto on this important history lesson that reveals the ability of the military/PETROELEUM/intel complex to work both sides(lefties and righties)...

nazi germany took hold of oil rich romania at the start of a big moneymaker(ww2) and in its losing aftermath gave up some of its intel class as the they were cultivated into the western hemisphere...

fast forwarding to the breakup of the stalinist soviet union in 1991 and its eastern block portion(romania inclusive) the cultivation process turned to the left in the form of fleeing bueracrats...

the romanian portion of the no. hollywood bank robbery then fused together with the western hosted right(phillips) and a two man destabilization team was put together and a series of 6 bank moneymaking bank heists occurred..these heists involved advanced weoponry inclusive of kevlar vests, weoponry that launched huge coast to coast petrodollar weopons contracts to outfit all local police departments in order to play catch up...these contracts were capitalized by the impoverished energy consumer thru higher gas and electricity prices...

the north hollwood intel tandem in effect were p.m.c's/mercenaries of the ilk that started both the ukranian, israeli/hamas, and covid 19 germ war between china and the u.s....and we thank you for your support..