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elaboration on the juxto shooting locations inside the kennedy killbox..

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12/31/2023 06:24 PM
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elaboration on the juxto shooting locations inside the kennedy killbox..
shooting from beneath the underpass was likely part of the killbox but it was not the shot that caused the head explosion for it would have been in the zapruder lane, zapruder being the econostate cameraman...

zapruder's job was to get the headshot for exit strategy purposes sending a message to future american leaders that getting in the way of the econostate/power elite/biblical mystery whore of babylon/military PETROLEUM intel complex could cost you you life....the c.i.a. entertainment asset was then used(the movie JFK) to repeatedly show the headshot to make the point perfectly clear..

now juxto also makes the point that jackie was wearing a tight skirt which would have prevented her from climbing upon the trunk..it should be remembered that she was quite the athlete(an equestrian) and combined with andrenalin clinbing upon the trunk would not be a problem..also, i don't believe that she was grabbing for skull parts but was looking to get out of the limo lane of shooting...

lastly, one of the 11 shots(minimum eight if one considers two target hits for three of the shots) was sent over lyndon johnsons head as a message to stay the course for the $200 billion vietnam war that we're still paying for)..

johnson was being groomed thru his grafted senatorial spot as chairman of the appropriations committee(with kennedy having presidential veto power)...and another tidbit along those lines was the deep econostate having its eyes on jack"s senatorial career monitoring his dovish leanings..(i'm highly recommending sherman skolnicks unveiling of an eisenhauer related document/memo recovered at the dorothy hunt plane crash in chicago that
showed kennedy being on a c.i.a. watchlist...and we thank you for your support..