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Deep theories surrounding 9-11, possibilities of large hadron colliders under our soil, dark matter, the alien phase, and more - videos embedded

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01/12/2024 07:17 PM
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Deep theories surrounding 9-11, possibilities of large hadron colliders under our soil, dark matter, the alien phase, and more - videos embedded
First let me address there is a lot of theory in here, not fact. I'll address this specifically as often as I can.

Also, for the sake of taking this theory seriously, consider how these huge mechanisms some of us have heard of called large hadron colliders or particle smashers can control the hallucinatory experience to a great or certain extent through incorporation of quantum physics and however the science works. Donald Marshall, a self-proclaimed Illuminati victim, talks about the importance of stopping these operations in their tracks. While that's not entirely possible and I'd never be a part of something like stopping something I don't understand completely, as that would be illegal, it is interesting to theorize on this stuff.

Just to let you know, 'CERN' operates these large hadron colliders. There is said to be one in Geneva, Switzerland that is 17 miles long. 17 miles guys, a mechanism. That's not just for smashing particles in all likelihood, if it's even a fully-functioning one - yet I don't want to doubt CERN or paint a bad picture out of them. In all honesty it's likely about someone and something else on a more dangerous level.

I've seen too many signs which I'll try to dispense them all here that tell me this all just can't be a coincidence. That, or there are some cruel people on this planet simply wanting people to come up with crazy theories by tying in the idea of these state-of-the-art underground mechanisms (particle smashers or large hadron colliders) and incorporating time travel. Seems bogus, doesn't it. You would think only in a simulation could you experience the technical, seemingly 'same thing' signified often times or regarded as deja vu, as colliding particles can create dark matter (which is definitely not a good thing), but what does creating matter have to do with what you think would be the 'hallucinatory experience'?

Maybe we need to consider that large hadron colliders aren't primarily for smashing particles then, or that isn't the aspect that creates the time-machine mechanism that, if you are in the theorized 'no-kick zone' (in the middle and below the electromagnet device, below the large hadron collider therefore since an electromagnet device as I'll dispense in theory could, combined with running the electromagnet device at all times, create an outwards electromagnetic sort of artificial 'field' once reaching the particle smasher that is possible because of the SPEED at which these colliders operate, hence a centrifugal or centrifical force at the speed of light can take these electromagnetic properties and, upon the electromagnetic current reaching the parameters of the large hadron collider zooming particles at the speed of light, creates an up-and-outwards electromagnetic field that I will theorize is an artificial superelectromagnetic field that extends clear into outer space.

Now, if these things create dark matter, this all seems like a very bad idea. Scary thing is, we really could be living in a dark-matter atmosphere as we know it - dark matter is invisible. Yet I have a theory based on my experience as a targeted individual that if they target your electromagnetic field they can somehow zap you via satellite to trigger a seemingly chemically-induced waking night terror because dark matter and the God particle are opposites - the God particle vs. Hell on Earth. Dark matter likely can override your Higgs Boson particles, your God particles. It's what makes planet Earth feel like home.

Watch the 'Watchmen' movie trailer and you'll see how they create the electromagnetic 'ghost' that can be controlled like an avatar - space exploration, anyone? If the theorized
'superelectromagnetic field' extends TO INFINITE...AND BEYOND!! (interesting that Toy Story 2 came out in 1999 when Rush 2049 came out, get it? RUSH = light speed (of particles in particle smasher) and 'TO INFINITE...AND BEYOND' is the directional and never-ending seemingly destination depending on what you believe about the universe.

That's just a little background on my theories and speculation about large hadron colliders. Now, to the main subject.

I am fully considering these machines to be perfectly capable 'time' machine in a sense for the following theories about a whole different instance of 1993 (I theorize the reason they bombed the parking garage of the World Trade Center in 1993 is so no 'Deep web' (if that's what it's called) or just general web searches for an original instance of 1993, or different overlapping timeline, knowing specifically what happened even down to the important search details of when and where, would be replaced with the parking garage search results - people on this planet truly are looking for REAL found footage of shit that likely was taken into the no-kick zone or simply, because of the internet, is filtered to be blocked out or minimized - and with video fakery these days, we're getting to the age where proof will be nothing and intuition, wisdom, understanding of the human psyche, and understanding psychology and reverse psychology will mean everything.

Here starts my big theory folks.

I have had a conspiracy theory for awhile that some bastards played a cruel killing joke on 9/11/2001 in retaliation for (now this is just a THEORY, keep in mind) not successfully bombing the underground in the first instance of 1993 (no not the parking garage bombing, that was on THIS known timeline, hence 1993 as we know it), but INSTEAD an original instance of 1993 when some unknown group of people likely wanted something below Manhattan destroyed so they could claim ownership of power and dethrone Manhattan of that power.

Why and how would some bastards have bombed the underground and why?

Hidden in plain sight - the Towers possibly had a secret hollow column or elevator shaft and there could have been (again, just a theory) possibly a REAL atom in the North Tower and a fake atom bomb in the south on 9-11-2001. The whole killing joke involved the South Tower (MCU, Main Control Unit for what I will tell you I theorize was below Manhattan and possibly controlling weather systems) while the North Tower had an antenna for several purposes but no bigger purpose than taking lightning strikes so lighting would never strike the South Tower.

Now WHAT would they be after? Let's talk about the fact that underground Manhattan (and if you're from there and you absolutely KNOW this is nonsense please address me) could have possibly harbored something that made them the world's superpower prior to 9/11/2001, well actually, prior to December 31, 1999, 11:59:50pm, possibly a large-scale fully functioning electromagnet device and on the outskirts as big of a circumference they could get a large hadron collider surrounding the underground but having it deep enough to keep it a hidden powerhouse.

So I'm guessing if this is true somebody wanted to dethrone Manhattan, New York of being a superpower because in the original instance of 1993 (with the following video I'm embedding from the Super Mario Bros. 1993 movie, actual, possible REAL found footage of just the towers receiving damage spliced into this scene and the strange structural damage representing how it makes us want to think about the importance of the towers and the REAL, HIDDEN reason the general population will never know about) it was an a theorized unsuccessful operation to blow up the underground and their operation, as I theorize someone double-crossed the bad guys setting this up and got the theorized atom bomb into a state-of-the-art vacuum-sealed room in the South Tower for that instance of 1993, hence why there is weird structural damage to the South Tower in the Super Mario Bros. 1993 movie scene embedded.

If you pause RIGHT at the initial moment it shows the towers, a question mark is formed out of smoke on the North tower. This symbolizes how anomalies can and possibly do relate to 9/11/2001 in terms of piecing it together because, well first, you have to consider this 'cruel game' on 9/11/2001 (and also in the first instance of 93 which I'll get into later, the more far-fetched part) was played by a riddler and joker - hence, the question mark on the North Tower symbolizing a required riddle they wanted us to solve in THIS instance - as an anomaly, I stumbled upon a 'Life' magazine riddle about DEATH - a 'LIFE' riddle about DEATH? Very cruel and unusual to put in a magazine. Here's the riddle - 'Why do air sacs break down'?

Even worse is that it's an emphysema riddle. May 28, 1965 'Life' magazine.

Well, you can

1) Rip an air sac (R.I.P. or Rest in Peace) - the only answer to the riddle that makes sense in accordance with just, well, being fucked up in general

2) Slash an air sac (Slash the musician was born in 65, same year of riddle)

3) Poke an air sac (I was born and lived in Polk County, Iowa for the longest time and now I lived in a bordering County)

4) Weight - Is this even an answer? Oh, yes, it ties deeply, deeply into my 9/11/2001 theory.

Now, considering this is like an anomaly thing and it's being filtered through me and ties into my own personal karma, I'll tell you how I stumbled upon this 1965 riddle - The Matrix Resurrections, Neo's metacortex badge. What year did 'Club Matrix' open? 1965 guys. Jefferson Airplane performed 'White Rabbit' there along with other songs for awhile.

Long story short, the CLEAR relativity puzzle at the bottom of Neo's metacortex badge (38 [] 99 is to 40 T AA) would lead to the eventuality of an anomaly discovering a theorized higher truth about what may have happened in Manhattan (come to find out I would theorize we actually could have gotten atom bombed in that first instance of 1993, I'll get to the Cloverfield 1993 theory how I discovered through my crazy, damn insane karma that 'Falling in reverse' or the seemingly impossible isn't impossible, as I bought a friend of mine whose birthday I believe is April 27th a 'Falling in Reverse' CD for his birthday.

Now watch the end of Cloverfield here first, see that my friend's birthday is the date of the ending footage scene in the movie, and look for the falling object on the right when they zoom in on the ocean. Get the falling connection? Falling in reverse is the large hadron collider. That's just a personal thing. There is also the 'Smashing' reference (colliding particles together) when the main actress in that last scene sounds like the lady on a video where she's smashing grapes, very famous YouTube video.

Again, long story short, I decided to watch the end of Cloverfield because I was trying to tie all my karma together, as I do a lot, and knew that the last scene in Cloverfield shows older footage (earlier in the day I theorize) of them being on Manhattan Beach before the monster attacks, and when the video camera zooms in on the ocean, you can see on the right side of the screen a ball-type object fall into the ocean - so I thought of 'Falling in reverse' (latter paragraph to remind you), due to my knowledge of an old theory I dug up on Dailymotion of Richard D. Hall's 9-11-2001 'Ball' theory and how it could have been an attempted reverse-psychological cue that reverse FOOTAGE of this ball exploding upon impact on the SOUTH tower couldn't have been a possible sky hook mission because sky hook takes time - yet it could also have been a way, if they knew there would be no notion of sky hook on 9-11 or there simply wasn't, a way to minimize or hide the idea of found footage of the fake atom bomb being dropped in the ocean in the first instance of 1993

The catch here is that atom bombs weigh too much for sky hook balloons anyway....get it?....Sky hook balloon = air sac. Why do air sacs break down? I theorize someone put that in 'Life' magazine when they gave the collider kick back to 1965 as not only a form of deceit for a long-awaited plan to dethrone Manhattan of its secret power (which they sadistically already did, but)....through sophisticated means of utilizing anomalies and how they relate to the matrix concept in itself, utilizing us anomalies to filter information and decipher things how others don't see them, thus giving you a new view of what people were truly about when it came to the sensationalism factor of 9-11-2001 - this factor is the factor at the end of the movie 'Fight Club' in which sadistic, sick people likely had 'front row seats' in a sense wherever they were posted up in New York to the destruction of the towers and how people who are brain-chipped can re-experience their subconscious like it's the first time.

Also in Fight Club at the end, the cart Tyler Durden pushes says 'MIA' and 'BAIL ET', or 'Missing in action' (eventuality of the towers, as the last two to fall at the end of Fight Club mimic twin towers) and 'BAIL ET' was likely a warning to the theorized watchmen who came to our planet the first instance of 1993 after the good forces temporarily saved New York and surrounding areas from the theorized atom bomb in the SOUTH tower, then the evil retaliated with Cloverfield on the east coast, blaming it on the Japanese in all likelihood and giving our own country an excuse to bomb the city of New York to destroy the monstrous mechanisms (represented in the 1993 Super Mario Bros. screenshot when the towers turn dark, that is likely what the aftermath of NYC getting bombed (not necessarily an atom bomb but a large-scale bomb nonetheless), specifically-and-not-only what a building would look like but what we see in that Mario movie scene could be REAL FOUND FOOTAGE (stillshot when they turn dark, although the North Tower's weird symbol and the airplane flying between the buildings is confusing), in which they extracted the towers from a stillshot after they bombed New York to stop the seemingly indestructible monsters from wreaking more havoc (which actually happens in the movie, hence why I theorize it happened in the original instance of 1993)

This goes a little deep, but I theorize the two bridges in the Super Mario Bros. 1993 movie connecting the Twin Towers in that eerie scene were not only higher up on the towers (people have talked about the Mandella Effect with this - after all, we REBUILT the towers by giving the collider kick back to 1965 according to theory, and when were they started on? 1966).

GOOD forces in that original instance of 93 saved New York until later that night (theoretically) by literally doing a 'switcheroo' of the atom bombs via the bridges, one above the other, meaning in all likelihood both original instances of the Twin Towers in 1993 had hollow columns or elevator shafts extending clear below ground, the evil planning to meet in a special room in all likelihood with the theorized real bomb in the South tower to make initial plans reserved for that day, as part of the plan - this room would be that vacuum-seal-able room disguised as a business room, sort of like that fool at the beginning of that Mission Impossible movie who thinks he's actually in a hospital.

The watchmen who came here to save our planet did their best for what they could. But the Mafia wanted control of the universe. The large hadron collider can incinerate the whole electromagnetic power grid, I theorize. That could be the whole universe while the Mafia is cozy underground, protected from any harm. I theorize they could fry the planet alive, and that maybe was why they warned aliens and their allied humans (likely the humans being the messengers due to our obsession with signs and superstition, which for me may border on schizophrenia) to leave because, for what ever reason, maybe the Mafia thought these watchmen could be the eventuality of their demise in one way or another. After all, they were looking out for the good of humanity, and the underground looks out for the underground.

Just a recap if I mentioned it (or if I didn't), I believe the aliens were here the original instance of 1993 to 1999. I believe on the original instance of 1999 both 'The Matrix' and 'Fight Club' came out, hence the warning in Fight Club, and Neo's passport expires on 9/11/2001 as far as all I've read online and seen screenshots. I don't recall an alien presence in this instance of 1999, so they were sending a message (as Tyler is in the mafia in the movie, he fucking disappears to ten feet away and clotheslines the narrator in the parking garage) not to any aliens out there that most of us just speculate on but more to who I believe were these watchmen.

Just to touch on this, I believe that any collective Matrix simulations that ever existed as capable, deceivable scenarios in which you only question the nature of your reality based on a movie had to be built by the watchmen, and I believe that was one of their purposes in coming here to help us that instance of 93, if not the main reason. Likely destroying any visible satellites for their own protection, not to come in a negative light but knowing what satellites are, they made sure they weren't going to get spied on from anyone wherever on Earth, including underground, which in all likelihood some would say they could only speculate on.

However, in space there are satellites humans have invented in all likelihood that are pretty much undetectable to the human or alien eye - how would this be possible? I honestly don't know, but I think the underground was taking notes while slowly thinking they gained our trust and we gained theirs through allowing us to help.

Now I'm not saying that underground everywhere where there lies secret locations, wherever they may be, is all evil and all bad. I'm just saying that there's a reason they're down there, and it's not always the most convenient thing to consider.

But there are evil men and women on this planet, like how I theorize some of them want to repeat witnessing 9-11 through their chipped subconscious like the first time. Trust me, guys. There are people like that on this planet.

"Some men just want to watch the world burn"

But back to the riddle....Why do air sacs break down. The correct answer in relation to going about this theorized rescue mission (more like lesser of uncontrollable evils) is weight, as I said earlier. An atom bomb weighs too much for sky hook. But that is not the complete answer because upon thinking about it, even if they had it on the edge of the destruction of whatever floor they would be trying to retrieve it from, they'd likely know that the science of it, if attaching the sky hook balloon and successfully getting the balloon into the air for a plane to retrieve could even make the atom bomb budge, like even drag it a little.....but why risk that? If they knew it was light enough maybe so they would know it isn't real, but if it was the FAKE atom bomb I theorize was in the South tower on 9-11-2001 then it's no coincidence that Richard D. Hall's ball theory is about the South tower.....but the point? Richard D. Hall likely working with somebody made this 'ball drone explosive' theory to be dug up only if it had to be, if any 'found footage' of a theorized 1993 sky hook mission in the NORTH tower is....you guessed it....what we see falling into the ocean at the end of Cloverfield. The movie is in Manhattan guys, and so is that last footage / scene on the beach.

No, it doesn't say April 27th, 1993. Just April 27th. But 1993 has a strong contender for being the year because of the Super Mario Bros. twin towers scene being a 1993 movie, and the parking garage got bombed this instance of 93 also. Coincidence? Or waking us up hoping someone will get through to an anomaly to have the right eyes see his theory?

Back to Richard D. Hall and the news for a second....his theory I don't think was on the news but on his official website for awhile (don't quote me on that) but it's now on Dailymotion. There is also a very, very interesting video on Dailymotion showing several high-quality (NIST FOIA quality) videos of no airplanes hitting, just explosions.

Was 9-11 a foggy day? You've heard different answers, at least some of you. Or maybe it's not that you've heard but you've seen contradictory footage itself, and in Richard D. Hall's ball video there is an example of this, two videos mimicking each other pretty much down to the 'T', one with the ball and the other with an airplane.....the one with the airplane has the backdrop of NYC erased from the sky.

This latter point tells me both of these videos are fake. In fact, let me tell you a little more.

The most damning notion that he was working with the news in all likelihood in case the theory ever had to be dug up was that some of the most popular low-quality 9-11 videos, as they liked to show on the news, had the common denominator of the ball on the bottom of the airplane, but way smaller than the one in the mirror-image shot reflecting the same shot but one with the plane and the backdrop of NYC erased.

Richard D. Hall, presenting the common denominators and not only acknowledging it but in my opinion trying to manipulate by saying they couldn't just have an airplane covering up the ball due to the incapability of software programs, presents this as a common denominator to pose as the news' enemy in a sense, get it? He's a 'no planer' according to the video. He's also, despite his high credentials, likely manipulating in the video, and the tip of the iceberg is that former paragraph's talk of the videos that echo each other with the backdrop erased is, again, the one with the plane.

This is if the game done got switched, this 'ball' video and the eventuality of what could have led to an investigation into video fakery, possibly turning it around on somebody else - but that could be way off base too.

Despite the last few paragraphs and how I've seemed to paint an ill-picture of a man who may not be as wrong or shady as I make him out to POSSIBLY be, he may just be a man who truly saw the ball video they showed on the news

As I explained way above, in 1993 someone possibly double-crossed the evil forces wanting to destroy a theorized electromagnet device and particle smasher underground Manhattan. Now, consider the 'Weight' answer to the riddle as another answer - 'Wait'.....Watch this scene in Minority Report that is an echo of the idea of not making a choice with any sort of theorized atom bomb, hence just WAIT, as there is obviously life above ground in Manhattan and in theory (well we know there is life underground a LOT of places, but) there could also be life in a theorized deeper underground sustaining the theorized power mechanisms - so obviously there is a human life factor to this - but for what reasons and why doesn't matter, does it? A human life is a human life. I think this scene is 9-11-2001's minority report, ironically from the movie called 'Minority Report'.....

I still theorize, just like in the movie 'Minority Report' that we need to not pretend that everything went exactly how it was supposed to go through but to look at the reality and atrocities of human nature and what we've come to - 9-11 was the field day for the true bastards of this planet. I was only 15 years old in 2001. I couldn't even fathom how deep and complex this day was and that the driving factor wasn't political - those are inevitable choices based on side agendas - the sensationalism is why 9-11 happened.

If you think I contradicted myself by saying it mostly attributed to sensationalism and the desire to experience it over and over through one's one recorded subconscious (no, not involving the large hadron collider, but by being chipped and memory wiped on purpose) then consider that I told you that a large hadron collider gave the kick back to 1965, a year before they started constructing the Twin Towers, the year 'Club Matrix' opened, the year of the theorized 9-11 air sacs riddle in a May 28, 1965 'Life' magazine (you can find this online, a guy flipping through the magazine, it's how I found it!).

I didn't contradict myself because I theorize whatever potential powerhouse wanted to dethrone New York didn't even need 9-11-2001 to do it. 9-11 just turned into a field day for the sensationalistic bastards like joker and riddler figures, while spurring so many side agendas it wasn't even funny.

You really think they'd knock the towers down over avoiding an asbestos lawsuit? That is a theory, but I smell bullshit - plus the toxins released into the air (as there would likely be with almost any skyscraper constructed clear back in 1973 if that's when it was originally built) were and I believe still are something affecting New Yorkers today.

There are a million things you want me to address and clarify right now I'm guessing, holes in all of this. I'm not done. I scratched the surface hardcore, but I ain't done.

Now many of you know that there had to be insider deals gone wrong and stuff in all likelihood - it was the World Trade Center for crying out loud. Of course tensions could have been high in this regard, but 9-11 happened on the most sensationalistic date you could pick, and they waited for it. They gave people like me, me figuring it out AFTER the fact, while others who knew and tried to solve the predictive programming (no bigger hidden subtle one than the one I discovered in the 'Life' magazine riddle in my opinion, though who would connect it to 9-11 unless you were a privileged one likely in the Mafia who was aware they gave the collider kick back (to answer your question why I didn't contradict myself) on December 31, 1999, 11:59:50pm, this theory spurring from my strong belief these large hadron colliders are hallucinatory time machines tied into quantum-physics (hence a Matrix of free-will based on rules of nature and our realm of the physical would be damn-near impossible to emulate with such fluidity that glitches were beyond minimized and constantly running at clockwork with all the fluctuations in the simplistic equations of nature, like grass, sand, and water which cannot be emulated on a massive world-scale).....Well you see the point about a simulation being impossible to handle our world as we know it.

But it was the former point about, again, the sensationalism that you need to understand guys - our emergency phone number on a planet with billions of people with an abundance of predictive programming, as we know thousands of examples of predictive programming collectively in all likelihood, likely with more predictive programming inserted after the collider kick back to 1965 due to answering the second part of why I didn't contradict myself - if it was actually who I theorize that gave THEIR large hadron collider kick back (I won't dare say who I think it is *cough*WHY DO AIR SACS BREAK DOWN*cough and me as an anomaly living pretty damn close to what I theorize exists here underground, we can safely say that if they did utilize the midnight new year's countdown psychological trick to minimize superstition or notions that something was odd, hence new year's eve 1999 to new year's eve 1965 (10 seconds till midnight window) then this rebel force who wouldn't need 9-11 (but would still carry on with it) due to already risking firing the collider due to impatience and needing the power, likely was behind an agenda to manipulate the people operating the theorized particle smasher below Manhattan into a Y2k scare, as we know there was a Y2k scare on THIS instance of 1999 also (but they didn't fire us back again, they wanted their twisted field day reserved for 2001).

This theorized Y2k scare, even if a self-driven notion by a lot if not most people that didn't require a threat or anything in all likelihood, likely gave this rebel force with THEIR collider the opportune time to assume Manhattan shut their theorized collider down to avoid the software Y2k scare that could screw their operation over, even if temporarily, yet would Manhattan think this rebel force (assuming someone knew of this theorized rebel force) would take advantage of the same time window they shut their collider down to actually realize the rebel forces would FIRE THEIR COLLIDER DURING THIS WINDOW?

That was the risk and why these mechanisms aren't meant to have multiples, in all theory. The first major, HUGE, absolutely huge in terms of surpassing any others (maybe even the first 'technical' large hadron collider according to what they just SAY) is the one in Geneva as I said, again, 17 miles long. That is clear across the world, so is their collider a percieved threat to the theorized 'rebel force' wanting to establish themselves as the dominant world power, harboring and sustaining the Earth's superelectromagnetic field extending to infinte and beyond, being the ones responsible for harboring our now-universal dark matter UNIVERSE?

Are alien planets, not even in our solar system but in other galaxies, now 'dark matter' planets as well? This makes me want to read up on Metroid Prime 2: Echoes storyline again - it is about dark matter.

I'll continue this later, but let me finish temporarily with a few things to consider.

A) I believe on 9-11-2001 there were no airplane but that three missiles struck their intended targets, the Twin Towers and the Pentagon - just a theory. I do not know this stuff, and I won't overspeculate on the Pentagon because that's not a good idea, as any overspeculation is bad - but is this really all speculation, or is there some strange findings, combined with intuition and a self-driven notion that, because people are watching me and seeing perceived eventualities only to change that eventuality via Voice to Skull?

B) That 1993 instance I talked about wasn't a 'Field day' like 9-11 was for people but more of a specific mission I theorize, a failed mission, that they'd decide to wait out and party like it's 1965 until 1999 rolled around - They'd utilize the Y2k reset scare and trust how I theorize Manhattan would temporarily shut down its theorized collider and electromagnet device because of this scare, only to open the window for the contending potential powerhouse to not only fire THEIR theorized collider but possibly go all-out with it and utilize their theorized ELECTROMAGNET DEVICE to create the superelectromagnetic field of theirs, hoping Manhattan would get the picture or somehow know and not attempt to fire theirs back up

So was this theorized now-a-powerhouse force behind their own superelectromagnetic field and control of the power grid in 1965, the second instance, sharing a power due to Manhattan firing its theoretical collider back up? Did it prove all along that these colliders can coexist with the same purpose in the formation and sustainment of the superelectromagnetic field? I don't know. I think this new powerhouse likely got through to Manhattan, whether taking any potential threats to fire their operation back up seriously or disregarding them, and maybe now a large part of the secret world that they are the powerhouse and that they will go to great lengths to show consequences for trying to contend with their collider, maybe even manipulating and saying it would be on THEM if something bad happened because of multiple colliders operating at once utilizing electromagnet devices - or maybe the electromagnet device wasn't even an open, considered factor but a secret that only the new powerhouse and how I theorize Manhattan WAS this powerhouse share that common denominator

Keep in mind I played Flight Simulator in middle school right around the time 9-11 happened and I remember, just within the game, having some impulse to want to crash the airplane into a tower - what came first, the chicken or the egg, I can't remember - I'm not necessarily saying Flight Simulator was a side agenda put in schools, but consider if they (whoever 'they' would be I don't know) looked for anomalies of people through remote neural monitoring, even children, fascinated with this concept and knew they would INEVITABLY be obsessed with 9/11 in terms of admittedly sensationalistic factors but in my case also trying to solve it through my own personal karma and strong belief I'm the anomaly.

IF this airplane into the building idea was before 9-11 - what if they can not only see your eventuality, like me writing out this post, based on this but be able to search within a desired 'time frame' based on detectable brain patterns when your mind would be pre-occupied with 9-11-2001, as long as they don't mess with your free-will.....but they did mess with my free-will before I came up with the latest theories, so if some people (which I have been) under some notion that they were 'taking ideas' from people or something, and especially with thinking about 9-11 FOOTAGE in itself, what's really the point if people in control want control themselves? Is my mind special in a unique way? I hate whoever was behind 9-11-2001, as I can't say I know who it was for sure or even remotely consider myself to 'know' all of this stuff, especially if I point the finger.

Keep in mind they can also mess with your free-will intentionally by knowing what you're going to say and interrupting your train of thought to have your likelihood of saying that go down the drain.

Anyway, I'll finish this up later guys. Remember this is a lot of theory, and just because I speak of theorized unheard of large hadron collider operations doesn't necessarily mean it's CERN behind them, or a single big operation. At this point, it's likely a single powerhouse in the USA to say the least, while the one in Geneva ran by CERN may in fact be not only fully-functional (maybe minus any electromagnet device, it's a known collider) but able to safely coexist with at least one that has to be running in the USA

I'll be back!!!!