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taking juxto to finishing school on judaism....mae brussel...rabin...

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United States
01/19/2024 07:42 PM
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taking juxto to finishing school on judaism....mae brussel...rabin...
in these times with the great mystery whore of babylon in frenetic mode to keep the energy prices from their ultimate supply and demand global levels,ALL would succumb ...
that said, if one looks at the abrahamic religious groupings, judaism would be more of an indicator with CHRISTIANITY and islam in chronological order...so to go after judaism to the extent that he does is somewhat accurate but lets be fair and give mae brussel here due as a fighter agianst the fascism that the great mystery whore of babylon(military PETROLEUM intel complex) has been using since ww2...the late great texan c. wright miles, who taught at colombia in new york( a juxto judaic stronghold) put it in his "power elite" terminology..

that said, rabin was a peacemaker who fought the great mystery whore by sitting down with arafat and he was martyred, rabin being ukranian judaic whose family history included horrific ww2 fighting...he had seen enough..

rabin was killed by an end of the worlder rabbinical student from yemen who was living for a while with a euro-russian in a very wealthy city in israel, that country along with pakistan created as a guard-dog for the saudi oil largesse by the great mystery whore..and we thank you for your support..