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Who else believes they utilize false flag events, likely the mother of them being 9-11-2001, to pull enthralled people into simulations

Silent Boi
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United States
02/08/2024 10:31 AM
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Who else believes they utilize false flag events, likely the mother of them being 9-11-2001, to pull enthralled people into simulations
Cloverfield the movie came out in 2008 and in the movie it's supposed to be 2008 within the plot.

This is a Matrix concept because the Matrix came out in 1999 and the Matrix within the film is a hallucinatory experience controlled by the world clock set to 1999.

Mind blow = Cloverfield took place in a simulation people were pulled into during the South Tower collapse on 9/11/2001, and I know it's messed up because it takes place in New York, and I won't ever want to say that the director was making a cold statement that even people in New York enthralled and excited about a horribly sad event unfolding in their state would have to face some sort of punishment for one of the main human factors that separates us from most mammals - music is the interesting one

How can you be pulled into a simulation?

Push the distribution of television sets in the 1930's and 1940's because

1) Technical-enabling of the transfer and collective uploading of our recorded subconscious and psyches, implementing them into a system that we didn't have a choice to be pulled into the scenario, hence everything in the back of our mind now has a lot, if not everything, to do with 9/11/2001 whether you address that you care that much or not (frequency wavelength matching is the technical way I think they can get people into the same simulation technicality-wise, but it's way more complicated then that, trust me it would have to be), and

2) Psychological (normalize people within certain parameters yet their upbringing and whatever contributing factors to whatever shapes their psyche through watching or not watching the television over the years can still play a major factor in the makeup of their psyche, so this psychological factor is choice-based by the Mafia themselves, choosing our fates in a sense, choosing our simulation

So why let something that modifies people's emotions and behavior through catering to the human element of being attracted to sensationalism determine if you're going to end up in a scenario and what kind of scenario you're going to end up in?

I think I explained it in the latter paragraphs, that they had this sense that television is karma in the sense that if it 'normalizes' people then everything begins with their CHOICE to be enthralled with tragic things, hence being vicarious - this isn't fair, as we all have different upbringings and stuff. Would they not take this into consideration?

Here's the end of 'Fight Club' and you'll see that the narrator knew of this dilemma, that he chose to roll with a terrorist who not only was screwing his girl but tried to both manipulate him and use him to have Project Mayhem fall back on if things went to shit - well, the 'dick' flashed on the screen at the end of the movie represents how you may be a dick like Tyler Durden (the narrator is debatable) because there were literally people on 9/11 who had 'front row seats' and are repeating their chipped subconscious over and over and over and over and oooh, oooh oooh ohhh.....the thing that's too bad about that is that

1) It's just messed up that someone would want to experience it over and over, and

2) Watch the video 'Warning' by Incubus and you'll see that things may not end up going exactly the way you want them to if you want to hand over control of your psyche for messed up reasons

User ID: 84677142
02/08/2024 11:47 AM

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Re: Who else believes they utilize false flag events, likely the mother of them being 9-11-2001, to pull enthralled people into simulations
reasonable reading, thx op
i call it the great filter
it separates those who understood influence and those who dont

whole world knows it was a planned inside job,
but the media pressure is so high and controlled/bought,
that the truth never actually makes it to the top
never, same with bioweapon sars covid-vaxx depop plan,
they rather provoke eu states into starting a www3, to cover it all
moral reasoning takes about 250 miliseconds
we make errors in between